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21 August 2013
India Raj Bahadur
Papua New Guinea Coconuts 2013
Russian Federation RCC – National Communications – Ekspress-AM Series Communication Satellite
Thailand Graphic Flowers (Definitives)

22 August 2013
Austria Stamp Day 2013 – Salzburg / Salzkammergut Lokalbahn
French Polynesia Scented : Pitate (Jasmine)
Hong Kong World Heritage in China Series No 2 – The Old Town of Lijiang
Ireland Centenary of the General Lockout
Sweden Dahlias
Sweden Mischievous Baby Animals
Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf – 40 Years as Head of State
Uruguay Prominent Personalities of Uruguay – Octavio Podestá

23 August 2013
Austria Traditional Costumes – Gmundner Tracht
Costa Rica National Parks 2013 – Braulio Carillo
Estonia Finn Gold Cup, Tallinn 2013 – Finn Class Championships
Finland President Sauli Niinistö 65 Years
Finland Orchids – € 1.20
Latvia Latvian Ports – Port of Liepaja
Malaysia Tri-Nation 3rd Stamp Exhibition
Singapore World Stamp Exhibition 2015 (2nd Issue)
Ukraine The Beauty and Grandeur of Ukraine – Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

United States Black Heritage – Althea Gibson
United States The 1963 March on Washington

24 August 2013
Lithuania Lithuanian Military Uniforms
Ukraine Evdokim Voloshinov – Pumpkin

25 August 2013
No known stamp emissions

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26 August 2013
Israel Betar – World Zionist Youth Movement
Israel IMI – Israel Military Industries
Israel Festivals 2013 – Etrog Boxes

Israel Israeli Music – Children's Songs

27 August 2013
Malta Malta Buses – The End of an Era
Mexico 140th Anniversary of the Death of the Poet Manuel Acuña
Turkey Calligraphy (Definitives)

28 August 2013
Canada Robertson Davies, 1913-1995
Republic of China (Taiwan) Long-horned Beetles IV (Definitives)
Japan The 68th National Sports Festival
Mexico Grandparents Day

29 August 2013
Denmark INDEX: Award 2013 – Kulturværftet, Helsingør
Falkland Islands Shallow Marine Surveys Group (Joint Issue with Ascension Island and the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands)
Indonesia Postal Services
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Shallow Marine Surveys Group (Joint Issue with Ascension Island and the Falkland Islands)

30 August 2013
Japan Vegetables & Fruits Series No 1
Jersey Military Vehicles
Romania Oradea – 900 Years of Documentary Testimony
Uruguay Spring 2013
Vatican City Bicentenary of the Births of Giuseppe Verdi and Wilhelm Richard Wagner
Vatican City The Renaissance Popes: Julius II and Leo X

31 August 2013
Malaysia Museums and Artifacts
Ukraine AN-158

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