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1 July 2013
Croatia Accession of Croatia to the European Union

Germany 800 Years of Dessau
Germany Wild Germany:
  • Berchtesgaden Alps
  • Lower Saxon Wadden Sea

Germany Gerhard Richter – Seascape, 1969
Japan Hometown Festivals Series No 10 (Furusato Stamps)
Pakistan Birds of Pakistan Series – Red-vented Bulbul (Definitive)

2 July 2013
Australia Road Trip Australia
Croatia 60 Years of the Pula Film Festival

3 July 2013
India Delhi Gymkhana Club
New Zeakand Honey Bees
Papua New Guinea Orchids 2013

4 July 2013
Hungary World Fencing Championships, Budapest / 100 Years of the International Fencing Federation
Isle of Man Newspaper Headlines:
  • The Last Flight of Concorde 2003
  • England Win the World Cup 1966
  • Isle of Man Postal Independence 1973
  • HM The Queen's State Visit to China 1986
  • President Kennedy Assassinated in Dallas 1963
  • Man Lands on the Moon 1969
Jersey Jersey Nature – Dragons and Damsels
Spain Personalities:
  • Friar Rosendo Salvado y Rotea
  • San Telmo and Tui Cathedral
  • 350th Anniversary of the Death of St Joseph of Cupertino

5 July 2013
Austria FC Walker Innsbruck – 100 Years of Tyrolean Traditional Club
Canada Children's Literature – Stella
Japan Constellation Series No 3
Monaco 150th Anniversary of Monte-Carlo SBM
Russian Federation Decorative and Applied Arts of Russia – Shawls
Russian Federation 50 Years of Woman's First Flight to Space

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6 July 2013
Austria 100 Years of Ausserfernbahn (Ausserfern Railways)
Belarus 400 Years of Existence of the Miraculous Icon of Our Lady in Budslau

7 July 2013
No known stamp emissions

8 July 2013
Uruguay 250th Anniversary of San Carlos, 1763-2013

9 July 2013
Australia Indigenous Leaders
Belarus Zoos in Belarus
Romania Sport Fishing and Hunting
Romania Romania and the Russian Federation – 10 Years since the Signing of the Treaty on Friendly Relations and Cooperation
Spain 23rd Men's Handball World Championship – Champions!
Uruguay Rights of the Rural Workers – Fence Erector (Definitive)

10 July 2013
Belarus Theatres of Belarus – Belarusian State Puppet Theatre
Republic of China (Taiwan) Ancient Chinese Art Treasures (Issue of 2013)
Monaco MonacoPhil 2013
Monaco 21st Grand Bourse – 1st December 2013

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