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Office des Emissions de Timbres-Poste

2 January 37th Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival
2 January Pierre de Coubertin, 1863-1937
16 January 46th International Bouquet Competition
16 January 2013 International Cat Show
16 January Société Nautique du Monaco 125th Anniversary
7 February International Dog Exhibition 2013
7 February The Terraces of Monte-Carlo's Casino
7 February Monte Carlo Rolex Masters 2013
18 February 50th Anniversary of AMADE Mondiale
18 February International Red Cross, 1863-2013
14 March
  • Maserati 250F
  • Tyrrell P34

5 April Ecological Transport of Monaco
27 April Bicentenary of the Vénérable Archiconfrérie de la Miséricorde, 1813-2013
10 May 50 Years of the Junior Chamber International Monaco
10 May Europa – The Postman Van
17 May Visit of HSH Prince Albert II to Valentinois - May 2013 [A Former Grimaldi Fief – Duchy of Valentinois]
22 May Giuseppe Verdi, 1813-1901
22 May Richard Wagner, 1813-1883
22 May Centenary of the Creation of The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky
28 May 20th Anniversary of Monaco's Entry into the United Nations
5 June 15th World Festival of Amateur Theatre
5 June SEPAC – Larus michahellis
5 June Otiorhynchus monoecirupis – New Species Discovery in Monaco
8 June Sharks, Beyond Misunderstanding
5 July 150th Anniversary of Monte-Carlo SBM
10 July MonacoPhil 2013
10 July 21st Grand Bourse – 1st December 2013
23 September Centenary of the Traversal of the Mediterranean by Roland Garros
23 September Yachting
9 October 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Jules Richard, 1863-1945
9 October 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Charles Pathé
9 October 1913: First Crossword Puzzle
30 October Christmas 2013
5 December ASCAT International Grand Prix Award of Philately – Jacques Rogge, the 2013 Laureate
5 December Monaco-Russia Joint Issue – Automobiles:
  • Sunbeam Alpine
  • ZIL-111V
5 December MonacoPhil 2013

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