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1 August 2013
Aruba Birds of Aruba
Brazil Brasiliana 2013 – 170th Anniversary of Brazilian Postage Stamps, the Bull's Eye
France Gaston Doumergue 1863-1937 2 August 2013
Ireland Irish Animals & Marine Life – Phase IV (Definitives)
Japan Ukiyoe Series No 2
Republic of Korea My Own Stamp (Personalised)
Poland Przystanek Woodstock Festival

2 August 2013
Cayman Islands Shipwrecks – Anchors
Hungary Wrestling World Championships Budapest 2013
Indonesia Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition
Philippines Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition – Philippine Marine Biodiversity
Russian Federation Coats of Arms of Cities and Subjects of the Russian Federation – Penza, Penza Oblast
Slovakia 150th Anniversary of the Matica Slovenská Foundation
Thailand Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition (3rd Series)
Uruguay Asociación Calabresa del Uruguay (Calabrian Association of Uruguay), 1963-2013

3 August 2013
Estonia Cultural Heritage Year
Poland Tall Ships' Races – Szczecin 2013

4 August 2013
Thailand National Communications Day 2013
Thailand 130th Anniversary of Thai Postal Services
Thailand General Post Office After Renovation

5 August 2013
Åland Passenger Ferries – M/S Princess Anastasia (Joint Issue with the Russian Federation)
Russian Federation Passenger Ferries (Joint Issue with Åland)
Singapore 48 Years of Independence 1965-2013

Review on

6 August 2013
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Barrel Mail

7 August 2013
India Kerala Legislative Assembly
New Zealand Classic Travel Posters
Tunisia Prevention against Traffic Accidents

8 August 2013
Germany Cardinal Julius Döpfner, 1913-1976 – 100th Birthday Anniversary
Germany For the Youth – Native Songbirds:
  • Goldfinch
  • Bullfinch
  • Blue Tit

Isle of Man The St Thomas' Church Murals by John Miller Nicholson
Japan Disney Character
Jersey Visiting Tall Ships
Republic of Korea Philately Week
United Kingdom Andy Murray Wimbledon Champion
United States Made in America – Building a Nation
United States Eid Greetings
United States Flags for all Seasons (Definitives)

9 August 2013
Papua New Guinea Woven Baskets 2013
United Nations (New York) Space – Nebulae
United Nations (Geneva) Space – Nebulae
United Nations (Vienna) Space – Nebulae
United States Bobcat

10 August 2013
Italy Posta Italiana Series – € 0.85 and € 1.90 (Definitives)

Russian Federation 14th IAAF World Championships in Athletics 2013

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