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Flag of Estonia


Eesti Post

10 January Post Horn (Definitives)

31 January Lighthouse – Kiipsaare
8 February Chinese New Year
22 February Estonian Flag
7 March Bird of the Year – Partridge
28 March Sindi (Definitive)
12 April Folk Costumes – Karja and Kihelkonna

25 April 50th Anniversary of the Icebreaker Tarmo
2 May First Estonian Satellite
2 May Europa – The Postman Vans
8 May 450th Anniversary of the City of Kuressaare
28 May Heads of State of the Republic of Estonia – Kaarel Eenpalu
6 June Estonian Fauna – Weasel
24 July St Catherine's of Võru
3 August Cultural Heritage Year
23 August Finn Gold Cup, Tallinn 2013 – Finn Class Championships
6 September Centenary of Estonia Theatre Building
12 September Estonian Mushrooms – Death Cap (Amanita phalloides)
7 October Raimond Valgre, 1913-1949 – Birth Centenary
31 October Mõisaküla (Definitive)
13 November 375 Years of Postal Services, 1638-2013
14 November Heads of State of the Republic of Estonia – Aadu (Ado) Birk
15 November From the Treasury of the Estonian Art Museum – After Dinner by Elmar Kits
22 November Christmas

9 December Estonian Olympic Committee – 90th Anniversary

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