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Flag of Estonia


Eesti Post

16 January XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi
31 January Chinese New Year – Year of the Horse
19 February Post Horn 0.10 € (Definitive)
19 February 150th Anniversary of the Estonian History Museum
21 February Heads of State of the Republic of Estonia – Konstantin Päts
5 March Võru (Definitive)
5 March Estonian Flag
20 March Bird of the Year – Common Kingfisher
14 April Folk Costumes – Mihkli and Vigala

30 April Juhan Liiv, 1864-1913 – 150th Birth Anniversary
2 May European Peacock Butterfly (Inachis io)
8 May Europa – National Music Instruments:
  • Väikekannel
  • Teppo Accordion

22 May Estonian Flag (Reprint)
30 May Estonian Fauna – Hedgehog
19 July 100 Years of the Estonian Native Breed Cattle Herdbook
23 August 25th Anniversary of the Baltic Chain (Joint Issue with Latvia and Lithuania)

25 August 75th Anniversary of the Tallinn Zoo
1 September 100 Years of the Estonian Academy of Arts
11 September Estonian Mushrooms
11 September Saue (Definitive)
2 October Euro 1.20

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