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Correo Uruguayo

22 February Rights of the Rural Workers – Farmers and Sheep Shearers (Definitives)

28 February Carnival in Uruguay
8 March Rights of the Rural Workers – Arriero and Tambera (Definitives)

16 March Centenary of the Uruguayan Military Aviation
17 March Homage to Harald Edelstam, 1913-1989
20 March 100 Years of Club Atlético Defensor, 1913-2013
21 March Notable Women
22 March Prominent Figures of Uruguay – Nibya Mariño
11 April 14 April - Patient Safety Day
18 April Rights of the Rural Workers – Harvester (Definitive)
30 April Rights of the Rural Workers – Fishing (Definitive)
3 May Bicentenary of the Instructions of Year XIII
17 May Rights of the Rural Workers – Woodswoman and Beekeeper (Definitive)

30 May BSE Almanac 2013 – 1st Edition in Braille System
11 June National Painters Series:
  • Rafael Barradas (1890-1929) – Zingaras (Gypsy), 1919
  • Augusto Torres (1913-1992) – Bodegón (Still Life), 1961
12 June World Autism Awareness Day
8 July 250th Anniversary of San Carlos, 1763-2013
9 July Rights of the Rural Workers – Fence Erector (Definitive)
25 July Afro-Uruguayan Personalities – Amanda Rorra
26 July International Year of Quinoa 2013
2 August Asociación Calabresa del Uruguay (Calabrian Association of Uruguay), 1963-2013
22 August Prominent Personalities of Uruguay – Octavio Podestá
30 August Spring 2013
15 September International Day of Democracy
16 September 25 Years of CAIF
21 September Afro-Uruguayan Personalities – Andrès Aguiar
26 September Homage to Susana Dalmás, 1948-2012
26 September Tango – Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
27 September 125 Years of Asociación de Química y Farmacia del Uruguay (Association of Chemistry and Pharmacy of Uruguay)
2 October Montevideo, Iberoamerican Capital of Culture 2013
29 October The Annunciation Of Sarah by José Gurvich – Uruguay-Israel 65 Years Of Friendship (Joint Issue with Israel)
4 November SODRE Youth Orchestra
7 November Mercosur: Internet – Integrative Networks
8 November Export Products – Meat and Wine
20 November 100 Years of the Birth of Vinicius de Moraes
22 November Christmas 2013
4 December Tourist Destinations

5 December Cruises Series 2013 – Vessel Francisco
10 December 20 Years of Uruguay-Socialist Republic of Vietnam Diplomatic Relations
11 December 100 Years of Rampla Juniors Football Club
17 December 30 Years of the Trip of the Children of Exile
19 December America UPAEP – Fight Against Discrimination

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