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Flag of the United States

United States

United States Postal Service

1 January Emancipation Proclamation
14 January Kaleidoscope Flowers (Definitives)
16 January Lunar New Year – Year of the Snake
17 January Apples
18 January Wedding Cake
23 January Spicebush Swallowtail
23 January Tufted Puffins
25 January Arlington Green Bridge
28 January Global
31 January Sealed with Love (Definitive)
1 February Grand Central Terminal
4 February Rosa Parks
22 February Muscle Cars
7 March Modern Art in America 1913-1931
19 March Patriotic Star (Definitive)
3 April La Florida
5 April Vintage Seed Packets (Definitives)
11 April Where Dreams Blossom
11 April Yes, I Do
3 May Flags for all Seasons (Definitives)
15 May Music Icon Series – Lydia Mendoza
17 May Flags for all Seasons (Definitives)
23 May The Civil War: 1863
5 June Music Icon Series – Johnny Cash
20 June West Virginia Statehood
13 July New England Coastal Lighthouses
8 August Made in America – Building a Nation
8 August Eid Greetings
8 August Flags for all Seasons (Definitives)
9 August Bobcat
16 August Flags for all Seasons (Definitives)
23 August Black Heritage – Althea Gibson
23 August The 1963 March on Washington
10 September The War of 1812: Battle of Lake Erie
22 September Stamp Collecting – Inverted Jenny
23 September Music Icon Series – Ray Charles
1 October Snowflakes
10 October Poinsettia Plant
10 October Wreath
11 October Christmas – Virgin and Child by Jan Gossaert
11 October Christmas – Holy Family

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