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11 August 2013
No known stamp emissions

12 August 2013
Brazil History Set in Stone: Rock Art in the Amazon
Netherlands 125 Years of the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation
Netherlands Boundless Netherlands and Belgium

Thailand Preeminent Protector of Arts and Crafts

13 August 2013
Australia Carnivorous Plants
Mexico Centenary of the Mexican Army – 100 Years of Loyalty [2nd]
Russian Federation Andrei Nikolayevich Tupolev, 1888-1972
United Kingdom British Auto Legends

14 August 2013
Belarus Leaders of Belarus Tennis
Hungary Gárdonyi Géza 1863-1922
Hungary Hungarian Saints and Blesseds
Poland Modern Armaments of the Polish Army
Romania The Tablets of the Law, The Law of the World
Thailand 10th Anniversary of Thailand Post Public Company Limited

15 August 2013
France Pierre-Georges Latécoère 1883-1943 16 August 2013
Russian Federation 150 Years of Kolomensky Zavod (Kolomna Locomotive Works)

Review on

16 August 2013
Republic of China (Taiwan) Signature Taiwan Delicacies – Gourmet Snacks
Gibraltar Birth of HRH Prince George of Cambridge – July 22nd 2013
Mexico 160 Years of the Vetenary Education in Mexico and America
Pitcairn Islands Announcing the Birth of HRH Prince George of Cambridge, July 22nd 2013
Poland Economic Circulation and Priority Stamps for Registered Mail (Definitives)

Turkey Our Local Foods – Central Anatolia
United States Flags for all Seasons (Definitives)

17 August 2013
Brazil Brazilian Cemeteries – Cultural Heritage

18 August 2013
No known stamp emissions

19 August 2013
United Nations (New York) World Humanitarian Day (Personalised)

20 August 2013
Åland Sepac – Peacock Butterfly
Australia Coral Reefs
Belarus Municipal Arms of Belarus Towns – Bykhov
Curaçao Joint Issue of Curaçao-Malta – Harbours
Malta Joint Issue of Malta-Curaçao – Harbours
Ukraine Bread

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