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Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos, S.A.

2 January Monumental Arches and Gates
2 January Tourism 2013 – I Need Spain
2 January King Juan Carlos I (Definitives)
3 January Civic Values – International Year of Water Cooperation
8 January Recognition of the Boundary Stones – Jaca, 1513-2013
11 January Sports – Spain, Host of the 23rd Men's Handball World Championship
15 January Fifth Centenary of the Laws of Burgos, 1512-2012
22 February Musical Instruments – Drum, Tambourine, Castanets, Cymbals and Timpani
22 February Civic Values – International Day of Equal Pay
26 February The Millennium of the Kingdom of Granada, 1013-2013
11 March Contemporary Art – Antonio Lopez
15 March Vintage Cars
21 March World Heritage – The Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial
8 April Spanish Cinema:
  • Rafael Gil
  • Fernando Fernán Gómez
  • Tony Leblanc
23 April Europa – Postal Van
25 April National Heritage – Tapestries – The Wedding of Odotano and Zenobia
29 April 50th Anniversary of The Spanish Federation of Philatelic Societies (FESOFI)
4 May Bridges of Spain:
  • Besalú Bridge, Girona
  • Los Santos Bridge over Ría de Ribadeo

7 May Centenaries 2013:
  • Centenary of Aviation in the Canary Islands
  • 100 Years of Club Deportivo Basconia and Baskonia Mendi Taldea
21 May El Rocío – Marian Jubilee Year, Almonte (Huelva)
3 June Marine Fauna in Danger of Extinction
11 June 150th Anniversary of the Barcelona-Sarrià Line
11 June Creation of the Public Treasury Inspection Services
12 June Personalities:
  • Emilio Aragón "Miliki"
18 June Bridges of Spain:
  • Tajo Bridge in Ronda, Málaga
  • Piedra Bridge, Logroño
20 June Bridges of Spain:
  • Sancho el Mayor Bridge, Navarra
  • Puentecillas Bridge, Palencia
27 June Day of the Victims of Terrorism
4 July Personalities:
  • Friar Rosendo Salvado y Rotea
  • San Telmo and Tui Cathedral
  • 350th Anniversary of the Death of St Joseph of Cupertino
9 July 23rd Men's Handball World Championship – Champions!
11 July Anniversaries:
  • 700th Anniversary of the Era Querimonia of Val d'Aran [Aran Valley]
12 September Spanish Fashion – Paco Rabanne
18 September School Civic Values 2013
20 September EXFILNA 2013 – The 51st National Philatelic Exhibition, León
25 September Bridges of Spain:
  • Dragon Bridge in Alcalá de Guadaíra, Seville
  • Puente Ingeniero Carlos Fernández Casado, León
  • Roman Bridge in Mérida, Badajoz
  • Puente del Pilar, Zaragoza

3 October America UPAEP – Fight Against Discrimination
5 October 250th Anniversary of the Creation of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (State Lotteries and Bettings)
8 October Mycology – Agaricus xanthodermus, Marasmius oreades & Amanita pantherina
9 October Bridges of Spain:
  • Puente de Frías, Burgos
  • Puente de Toledo, Madrid

14 October Juvenia 2013, Alicante – National Youth Philatelic Exhibition
28 October Spain-Belgium Joint Issue – 150 Years of the Red Cross
5 November 75th Birthday of Their Royal Highnesses the King and Queen of Spain
6 November Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!
12 November Sport for Everyone:
  • Long-distance Running
  • Bicycle Touring
  • Hiking
14 November 400th Anniversary of the Relations between Japan and Spain (Joint Issue with Japan)
15 November Personalities:
  • Adolfo Suárez González

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