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Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos, S.A.

2 January Monumental Arches and Gates
2 January Tourism
3 January 3rd Centenary of the Spanish Royal Academy, RAE
3 January 5th Centenary of Juan Ponce de León's Arrival at the Florida Coast
3 January Science – 60 Years of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN
20 January Personalities:
  • 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Fray Junípero Serra
  • Pedro Cieza de León

23 January Burgos, Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2013
28 January Centenaries:
  • Royal Housing Patronage Foundation of Seville
  • Real Racing Club Santander

3 February Collectables
6 February Premium Sheet 2014 – Rural Architecture
12 February Centenaries:
  • Centenary of Escuela Superior de Telegrafía (College of Telegraphy)
14 February Anniversaries:
  • 8th Centenary of the Pilgrimage of Saint Francis of Assisi to Santiago de Compostela, 1214-2014
  • The Millennium of the Kingdom of Badajoz
  • 325th Anniversary of the Birth of Blas de Lezo y Olavarrieta

18 February Anniversaries:
  • 125th Anniversary of the Launching of Peral Submarine, 1888-2013
27 February EXFILNA 2014 – National Philatelic Exhibition in Torremolinos from 27 February to 2 March 2014
10 March Anniversaries:
  • 50th Anniversary of the SEPI Foundation
12 March Premium Sheet 2014 – Museums:
  • Museo de Guadalajara (Museum of Guadalajara), Guadalajara
  • Museo de Arte Abstracto Español (Museum of Spanish Abstract Art), Cuenca
14 March ICT: Emoticons – Look at Me!
24 March World Heritage – Park Güell-Gaudí
25 March Premium Sheet 2014 – Marca España (Spanish Brand)
14 April Premium Sheet 2014 – E-Enterprise
23 April Europa – Spanish Guitar / Paco de Lucía, 1947-2014
24 April Spanish Gastronomy:
  • Traditional and Innovative Cuisine
  • Traditional and Innovative Products

30 April Premium Sheet 2014 – Marca España – Sun
5 May Premium Sheet 2014 – Marca España – Heritage
6 May The Ages of Man – Eucharist
8 May Intangible Heritage of Humanity
16 May Sports – 100 Years of Biscay Football Federation, 1913-2013
22 May Premium Sheet 2014 – Marca España – Arts
5 June Premium Sheet 2014 – Marca España – Ñ for Language
12 June Sports – 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil ™
13 June Premium Sheet 2014 – Marca España – Advances
19 June Urban World Heritage Sites – Toledo
19 June Anniversaries – Fourth Centenary of the Death of El Greco
20 June General Bodies of State Administration:
  • Cuerpo de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos del Estado (State Body of Road, Canal and Port Engineers)
  • Cuerpo de Ingenieros Agrónomos del Estado (State Body of Agricultural Engineers)

27 June Premium Sheet 2014 – Anniversaries:
  • 75th Anniversary of ONCE (The National Organisation for the Blind)
  • 75th Anniversary of the News Agency EFE
  • 75th Anniversary of the Spanish Air Force

8 July Contemporary Art – Miquel Barceló
11 July Premium Sheet 2014 – Spanish Cinema:
  • Manolo Escobar
  • Sara Montiel
  • Alfredo Landa
17 July Vintage Vehicles – Harley-Davidson
31 July 400 Years of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of the White Virgin
1 September Sports – Santander, Venue of the Sailing World Championship
10 September Anniversaries:
  • 50th Anniversary of the Creation of the Centre for National Defence Studies (CESEDEN)
  • Second Centenary of the Royal and Military Order of Saint Hermenegild

18 September National Heritage – Tapestries – The Death of Dido
25 September Personalities:
  • John Paul II

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