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1 May 2014
France Timbres Passion 2014 – Poitiers, Vienne 5 May 2014
Japan Japanese Mountains Series No 4
Poland 10th Anniversary of Polish Accession to the European Union
Tunisia Valorization of Intellectual and Manual Labour

2 May 2014
Belarus Medal Winners of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi
Cyprus Europa 2014 – National Musical Instruments
Estonia European Peacock Butterfly (Inachis io)
Gibraltar Europa 2014 – National Musical Instruments
Gibraltar Dolphins of Gibraltar
Indonesia PAUDNI – Early Childhood Non-Formal and Informal Education
Italy Italian Artistic and Cultural Heritage::
  • Ponte di Tiberio, Rimini
  • Via Claudia Augusta

United States Where Dreams Blossom

3 May 2014
Austria Wine Regions of Austria – Wachau
France Vacation 5 May 2014
Lithuania Europa – National Musical Instruments
Mexico 450th Anniversary of Misantla, Veracruz

4 May 2014
France Europa – J.H.Naderman Harp 1787 5 May 2014

5 May 2014
Brazil Eight Centuries of the Portuguese Language
Poland Europa 2014 – National Music Instruments
Romania Europa 2014 – National Music Instruments
Russian Federation Yakov Borisovich Zeľdovich, 1914-1987
Slovakia Europa 2014 – National Music Instruments
Spain Premium Sheet 2014 – Marca España – Heritage
United States Vintage Circus Posters
Uruguay 100 Years of Liga Universitaria de Deportes (University Sports League)

Review on

6 May 2014
Australia Australian Red Cross Centenary
Brazil New Trademark of the Brazilian Post
France 20 Years of the Fixed Link beneath the Channel 7 May 2014
Spain The Ages of Man – Eucharist

7 May 2014
Azerbaijan IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action) Public Association
Monaco Europa – National Music Instruments
New Zealand All Blacks 2014
New Zealand Personalised Stamps 2014
New Zealand 2014 Scenic Definitives
Turkey Turkish Carpets and Rugs (Official Postage)

8 May 2014
Åland Europa – Music Instruments
Åland Sepac – Bellflower
Estonia Europa – National Music Instruments:
  • Väikekannel
  • Teppo Accordion

Germany Europa – Music Instruments – Clarinet
Germany Johann Gottfried Schadow, 1764-1850 – 250th Birthday Anniversary
Germany For the Sports 2014 – Freche Maus by Uli Stein

Guernsey Europa – National Music Instruments – The Chifournie, Our Musical Heritage
Isle of Man D-Day 70th Anniversary – A Manxman's Journey
Spain Intangible Heritage of Humanity
Switzerland Renewable Energy
Switzerland 125 Years Pilatus Cogwheel Railway
Switzerland Special Olympics National Games 2014
Switzerland Pro Patria – Village Museums
Switzerland Europa – National Music Instruments
Switzerland Cities of Switzerland
Ukraine Basil Lypkivsky, Metropolitan Autocephalous Orthodox Church – 150 Years since the Birth
United Nations (Vienna) Greetings from Vienna – 35 Years Vienna International Centre (Personalised)

9 May 2014
Austria Europa 2014 – National Music Instruments – Zither
Republic of China (Taiwan) The Swan Goose Carries a Message (Joint Issue with the People's Republic of China)
Croatia Europa – National Music Instruments – Lijerica and Sopile

France Boulogne-sur-Mer, Pas-de-Calais 12 May 2014
Italy Europa – National Music Instruments:
  • Zampogna
  • Launeddas

Malta Europa – National Music Instruments
Mexico Mother's Day
Montenegro 150 Years of the Church at Grahovac
Turkey Europa 2014 – National Music Instruments

10 May 2014
Philippines Iglesia ni Cristo Centennial 1914-2014

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