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3 January Treasures of Malta Series II – Fountains
24 January Occasions € 0.37 (Reprint of 2010 Stamp Issue)
28 January Malta-Israel Joint Issue – The Halls of Knights Hospitallers in Valetta, Malta and Acre, Israel
12 March Definitives 2009 – €0.26 (Reprint)
18 March Maritime Malta II – Commemorations:
  • 35 Years from the End of Military Facilities Agreement
  • 200th Anniversary of the Malta Police Force
26 April The Canonisation of Pope John XXIII & Pope John Paul II
30 April 10th Anniversary of the Malta's Accession to the European Union
9 May Europa – National Music Instruments
15 May Anniversaries 2014:
  • 50th Anniversary since the Independence of Malta
  • 40th Anniversary since Malta became a Republic
30 May 10th Anniversary Accession to the European Union
12 June 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil ™
27 June Maltese Flora
9 July Euromed Postal – The Mediterranean Sea
30 September Grandmasters of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

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