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Slovenská Pošta

2 January Cultural Heritage of Slovakia – Synagogue in Levice
15 January XXII Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi
15 January XI Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi
14 February International Year of Crystallography
10 March Easter 2014 – Stained Glass Window at the Chapel of Holy Well, Marianka
31 March Štefan Osuský, 1889-1973
17 April Technical Monuments – Historic Motorcycles:
  • Jawa 50/550 Pioneer
  • Manet M90

5 May Europa 2014 – National Musical Instruments – Three Drones Bagpipes
23 May Pavol Horov (1914-1975)
2 June Tribute to the Memory of the Fallen in World War 1
6 June Medicinal Plants – Dandelion (Personalised)
13 June Andrej Kiska – President of the Slovak Republic
29 August 70th Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising – Obete varujú (Victims warn us), 1969
19 September Beauties of Our Homeland – The Wedding Palace in Bytča
26 September Andrej Hlinka (1864-1938)
5 October 90th Anniversary of the International Peace Marathon in Košice, 1924-2014
10 October Nature Protection: Sitno National Nature Reserve – Lucanus Cervus and Oryctes nasicornis

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