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Flag of Ukraine



24 January Bunch of Daisies, 2011 by Andrey Guk
31 January Ukraine National Biathlon Team 2014
31 January Leonid Kravchuk, The First President of Independent Ukraine – 80th Birthday
14 February The Architect, Vladislav Gorodetsky
18 February Archangel Gabriel Church Banner by Florentine Artist, 15th Century
27 February The Beauty and Grandeur of Ukraine – Kirovograd Oblast

25 March 20 Years since the Founding of Ukrposhta
8 May Basil Lypkivsky, Metropolitan Autocephalous Orthodox Church – 150 Years since the Birth
16 May Maria Kapnist, 1914-1993 – 100 Years since the Birth
29 May Unicef – Draw Your Rights
29 May Juan de Zurbaran – Still Life with a Chocolate Mill, 1640
17 June Ilya Muromets, Four Engine Aircraft / 100 Years of the St Petersburg-Kiev Flight
25 July Europa 2014 – National Music Instruments – Kobza and Kozak Mamai

4 August 170th Anniversary of the Birth of Ilya Yefimovich Repin, 1844-1930 / I.Repin "Cossacks writing a letter to the Turkish Sultan", 1889-1896
15 August Collection of Cacti and Succulent Plants at M.M.Gryshko National Botanical Garden:
  • Gymnocalycium anisitsii
  • Opuntia microdasys
  • Pilosocereus palmeri
  • Graptopetalum bellum

22 August Euromaidan 2013-2014
2 September The Beauty and Grandeur of Ukraine – Odessa Oblast

13 September The Beauty and Grandeur of Ukraine – Mykolaiv Oblast

26 September Pearls of Artistic Heritage – Taras Shevchenko:
  • Portrait of V.L.Kochubey, 1859
  • Gifts in Chyhyryn in 1649, 1844

    26 September 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Taras Shevchenko
    6 October Treasures of the Museums of Ukraine – Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum 100 Years:
    • Lady in Black, 1917 by Boris Grigoriev

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