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Flag of Romania


Poşta Română

15 January 15 January - National Culture Day
23 January Romania's Cities – Arad
29 January Desert Flowers
3 February Black Sea, History Rewritten
7 February Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
20 February Roma People in Romanian Painting
1 March Golden Stars of Stage and Screen
20 March Holy Easter 2014
24 March Wild Ducks
2 April 10 Years since Romania joined NATO, 2004-2014
18 April Live Healthy! Romanian Traditions
5 May Europa 2014 – National Music Instruments
14 May World Conference of Masonic Regular Grand Lodges
24 May Sail Training Ship "Mircea" 75 Years, 1939-2014
28 May 150 Years of the National University of Arts in Bucharest
2 June UNICEF – End Violence Against Children!
6 June 150 Years since the Establishment of the Romanian Court of Accounts (1864-2014)
12 June 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil ™
17 June The Senate of Romania, 150 Years
20 June Messengers of Romanian Sport – Octavian Bellu and Mariana Bitang
4 July Discover Romania – Maramures
15 July The Church of The "Three Holy Hierarchs" Monastery in Iasi – 375 Years
16 July University of Bucharest 1864-2014
25 July In Memoriam – National Heroes
7 August Romania in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage
16 August 300 Years since the Martyrdom of Saints Brancoveanu
22 August Masterpieces of Universal Art in the Romanian Heritage
29 August Discover Romania – Oltenia
5 September Fruits and Fauna
12 September 100 Years of Olympism in Romania
20 September Bucharest – 555 Years of Existence
3 October Towers of Time
10 October Wild Cats

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