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1 October 2013
Croatia 100th Anniversary of Salesians in Croatia
Faroe Islands Franking Labels – Peter the Troll
Japan 400th Anniversary of the Relations between Japan and Spain (Joint Issue with Spain)
United States Snowflakes

2 October 2013
Czech Republic 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig
Czech Republic Folk Architecture – Salajna
Hungary Körösfői-Kriesch Aladár 1863-1920
Hungary Robert Capa 1913-1954
New Zealand Christmas 2013
Uruguay Montevideo, Iberoamerican Capital of Culture 2013

3 October 2013
Brazil Diplomatic Relations Series: Brazil-Germany – Germany Season in Brazil
Croatia 150th Anniversary of the Introduction of the Gas Network System in Zagreb
Falkland Islands Colour in Nature 2013
Greece The Elements of Nature – Air, Earth, Water & Fire
Ireland Irish Volunteer Force
Spain America UPAEP – Fight Against Discrimination

4 October 2013
Aruba Shells
Hungary Budapest Water Summit 2013
Japan Okayama Prefecture – Enforcement of the Local Autonomy Act 60th Anniversary Series (Furusato Stamps)
Romania The ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization – 50 Years

5 October 2013
Indonesia Garuda Contingent – Indonesian National Defence Forces Peacekeeper
Latvia 25th Anniversary of Latvijas Tautas Frontei (Popular Front of Latvia), 1988-2013
Lithuania Postcards Exchange (Postcrossing)
Spain 250th Anniversary of the Creation of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (State Lotteries and Bettings)

Review on

6 October 2013
No known stamp emissions

7 October 2013
Estonia Raimond Valgre, 1913-1949 – Birth Centenary
Russian Federation 2014 – Olympic Torch Relay

8 October 2013
Republic of China (Taiwan) Ancient Artifacts
Hungary Your Own Greeting Stamp I – Roses / Domestic (Personalised)
Spain Mycology – Agaricus xanthodermus, Marasmius oreades & Amanita pantherina

9 October 2013
Belarus RCC – History of National Communications
Bosnia and Herzegovina : Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) Ethnological Treasures 2013 – Wooden Plow
Japan International Letter Writing Week 2013
Macau Streets of Macao II
Mexico World Post Day
Monaco 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Jules Richard, 1863-1945
Monaco 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Charles Pathé
Monaco 1913: First Crossword Puzzle
Russian Federation Cavaliers of the Order of St Andrew the Apostle the First-Called:
  • Sergey Vladimirovich Mikhalkov, 1913-2009
Spain Bridges of Spain:
  • Puente de Frías, Burgos
  • Puente de Toledo, Madrid

Ukraine RCC – The History of National Communications

10 October 2013
Bosnia and Herzegovina : Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) 200th Birth Anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi
Germany Georg Büchner, 1813-1837 – 200th Birth Anniversary
Germany Ludwig Leichhardt, 1813-1848 – 200th Birth Anniversary (Joint Issue with Australia)
Germany 100 Years of Völkerschlachtdenkmal (Monument to the Battle of the Nations)
Italy Giuseppe Verdi, 1813-1901 – Bicentenary of Birth
Romania Joint Stamp Issue Romania-Turkey – Carol I Mosque in Constanta - 100 Years
Turkey Turkey-Romania Joint Stamp – 135th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Turkey-Romania
United States Poinsettia Plant
United States Wreath

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