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1 May 2013
Canada Chinatown Gates
Indonesia 50 Years of Liberation of West Irian
Netherlands Enthronement of King Willem-Alexander, 30 April 2013

2 May 2013
Cyprus Europa 2013 – Postal Vehicles – Celebrating PostEurop's 20th Anniversary, 1993-2013
Cyprus Oreganum dubium
Czech Republic Europa – Postal Means of Transportation
Estonia First Estonian Satellite
Estonia Europa – The Postman Vans
Germany Europa – Postal Vehicles
Germany Richard Wagner, 1813-1883 – 200th Birthday Anniversary
Germany For the Sports 2013

Iceland Town Festivals:
  • The ReykjavŪk Gay Parade
  • Never Been South Music Festival
  • The Great Fish Day
  • The Smelter Music Festival
  • The Vestmannaeyjar National Holiday

Iceland Europa 2013 – Postal Vehicles

Iceland Nordia 2013 – Northern Lights
Indonesia 100 Years of the Article of Ki Hadjar Dewantara – Als Ik Een Nederlander Was
Ireland Europa – Postal Vehicles
Italy Beginning of the Pontificate of His Holiness Francis (Joint Issue with Argentina and the Vatican City)
Luxembourg 15th Games of the Small States of Europe – Luxembourg 2013
Luxembourg Europa 2013 – Post Office Vans
  • CitroŽn 2CV AZU
  • Renault Kangoo

Luxembourg 100th Edition of Tour de France
Luxembourg Personalities 2013:
  • Nicolas Adames, 1813-1887
  • Putty Stein, 1888-1955

Poland Flag of the Republic of Poland Day
United Nations (New York) Flag Series 2013:
  • Myanmar
  • Russian Federation
  • South Sudan
  • Cape Verde
Vatican City Beginning of the Pontificate of Pope Francis (Joint Issue with Argentina and Italy)
Vatican City 150th Anniversary of the Death of Giuseppe Gioachino Belli

Vatican City 28th World Youth Day – Rio de Janeiro, 23-28 July 2013
Vatican City Europa 2013 – The Postal Van

3 May 2013
France Rixheim, Haut-Rhin 6 May 2013
Gibraltar Old Gibraltar Views III

Gibraltar Gibraltar International Literary Festival
Hungary Europa 2013 – The Postman Van
Hungary Treasures of Hungarian Museums:
  • Calcite Crystal Museum, Fertőrákos
  • Lamp Museum, Zsámbék

Hungary Tourism IV (2):
  • Szeged Cathedral
  • Orfű Spring House
India 100 Years of Indian Cinema – 50 Cinema Icons
United States Flags for all Seasons (Definitives)
Uruguay Bicentenary of the Instructions of Year XIII

4 May 2013
Austria 100 Years of Hohentwiel Paddle Steamer
Bosnia and Herzegovina : Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) International Firefighters' Day
France Charles de Gonzague, 1580-1637 7 May 2013
Lithuania Mother's Day
Spain Bridges of Spain:
  • Besalú Bridge, Girona
  • Los Santos Bridge over Ría de Ribadeo

5 May 2013
Austria 50 Years of Freilichtmuseum (Open-Air Museum), Stübing

Review on

6 May 2013
Åland My Stamp – Åland Cheese
Åland Europa – Postal Vehicles
Andorra (Correos) Andorran Diversity – Portuguese Population
Austria Europa 2013 – Postal Vehicles – 100 Years of E-Mobility
Azerbaijan Cavaliers of the Order of St Andrew the Apostle the First-Called:
  • Heydar Alirza oglu Aliyev, 1923-2003
(Joint Issue with the Russian Federation)
Finland Moomin Favorites
Finland Summer Bouquet
Finland Europa – Postal Vehicles
Finland Finnish Oddity
Finland Nuuksio National Park
Poland Europa
Russian Federation Cavaliers of the Order of St Andrew the Apostle the First-Called:
  • Heydar Alirza oglu Aliyev, 1923-2003
(Joint Issue with Azerbaijan)

7 May 2013
Hong Kong Revitalisation of Historic Buildings in Hong Kong
Italy Politecnico di Milano – 150th Anniversary of the Foundation
Spain Centenaries 2013:
  • Centenary of Aviation in the Canary Islands
  • 100 Years of Club Deportivo Basconia and Baskonia Mendi Taldea
Switzerland Venice Biennale
Switzerland Europa – Postal Vehicles
Switzerland Vegetable Blossoms (Definitives)
Switzerland Faces Switzerland
Switzerland Pro Patria – Village Museums
Switzerland White Stork

8 May 2013
Austria 150 Years of the Red Cross
Canada Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – 60th Anniversary
Estonia 450th Anniversary of the City of Kuressaare
Guernsey Europa – The Postman's Van
Indonesia 150th Anniversary of International Red Cross, 1863-2013
Jersey International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement – 150 Years
New Zealand Queen Elizabeth II – 60th Anniversary of the Coronation
Niue Queen Elizabeth II – 60th Anniversary of the Coronation
Russian Federation Weapons of Victory – Warships
Sweden Measuring Time and Space – Barometer and Sundial
Sweden Cookies
Tokelau Queen Elizabeth II – 60th Anniversary of the Coronation

9 May 2013
Croatia Europa – Postal Vehicles

Italy Europa 2013 – Postal Vehicles

Malta Europa 2013 – Postman Van
Slovakia Europa 2013 – Postal Vehicle
Turkey Europa 2013 – Mail Coaches and Mail Vehicles
United Kingdom Football Heroes

10 May 2013
Australia Kangaroo and Map: 1913-2013
Australia Joint Issue with Israel – Australian Light Horse / Battle of Beersheba 1917
Australia Black Caviar
Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev – 90th Anniversary
Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese Classic Novel – Outlaws of the Marsh (Issue of 2013)
French Polynesia Jacques Brel, 1929-1978
French Polynesia Fruits of Polynesia
Hong Kong Australia 2013 World Stamp Expo (Heartwarming Stamps)
India Kiang: Ladakh and Ghor Khar: Kutch
Indonesia Australia 2013 (The World Stamp Expo) – Centenary of Kangaroo Stamps
Republic of Korea The Restoration of Sungnyemun
Macau Museums and their Collections III – Macao Museum
Mexico Mothers Day
Monaco 50 Years of the Junior Chamber International Monaco
Monaco Europa – The Postman Van
New Zealand Australia 2013 World Stamp Exhibition
Singapore Australia 2013 (The World Stamp Expo) – Centenary of Kangaroo Stamps
South Africa Beautiful Butterflies and Moths

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