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1 January 2014
Thailand Year of the Horse
Thailand 50th Anniversary of Chiang Mai University

2 January 2014
Belarus Happy Postcrossing!
Germany Baby Animals:
  • Fox
  • Hedgehog

Germany Castles and Palaces:
  • Stolzenfels Castle on the Rhein
Germany UNESCO World Heritage Site:
  • 1250 Years of the Lorsch Abbey
  • Ancient Beech Forests of Germany

Germany Reintroduction of Fish Species – Salmon
Latvia Flowers (Definitives)

Netherlands King Willem-Alexander (Definitives)

Netherlands Business Stamps (Definitives)

Netherlands Dutch Icons

Norway Wildlife in Norway:
  • Red Deer
  • Badger
Norway 150 Years of the Norwegian Church Abroad
Slovakia Cultural Heritage of Slovakia – Synagogue in Levice
Spain Monumental Arches and Gates
Spain Tourism
United States Chippendale Chair (Definitive – Reissue with 2013 date)

3 January 2014
Macau Lunar Year of the Horse
Malta Treasures of Malta Series II – Fountains
Singapore Zodiac Series – Horse
Spain 3rd Centenary of the Spanish Royal Academy, RAE
Spain 5th Centenary of Juan Ponce de León's Arrival at the Florida Coast
Spain Science – 60 Years of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN

4 January 2014
Belarus Decorative and Applied Arts – Gobelins
France Dynamics 6 January 2014
Myanmar 66th Independence Day

5 January 2014
No known stamp emissions

Review on

6 January 2014
Isle of Man Winter Flora
Isle of Man Island of Culture 2014
Latvia Imants Ziedonis
Macau 140th Anniversary of Conde de São Januário General Hospital
Monaco 38th Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival
Turkey 50th Year of Cyprus Turk Posts

7 January 2014
Australia Royal Christening 2013 – HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge
Belarus Belarus Icon Painting – Belarus Saints: Triptych Icon, 21st Century
Christmas Island Year of the Horse 2014
France Heart: Baccarat 8 January 2014
Jersey Jersey Architecture – Manor House
United Kingdom Classic Children's TV

8 January 2014
Republic of China (Taiwan) Corals of Taiwan
Guernsey Year of the Horse 2014
New Zealand Year of the Horse 2014

9 January 2014
Indonesia General Election 2014
Russian Federation Vladimir Andreevich Steklov, 1864-1926

10 January 2014
Tunisia Tunisia-China: 50 Years of Friendship

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