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1 May 2011
Austria 175 Years of the Budweis (Budejowice) - Linz - Gmunden Horse-Drawn Railway
Austria 25 Years of CARE Austria
Austria 200 Years of the Mekhitarists in Vienna
Austria Art and Culture Buildings (Definitives):
  • Museum Moderner Kunst, Stiftung Ludwig, Wien
  • Kunsthaus Graz, Universalmuseum Joanneum
  • Kunsthalle Krems
  • Kunsthaus Bregenz
  • Essl Museum Klosterneuburg
  • Forum Stadtpark Graz
  • Kunsthalle Wien, Project Space Karlsplatz, Wien
  • Museum der Moderne, Mönchsberg, Salzburg
  • Lentos, Kunstmuseum Linz
  • MAK Center, Schindler Chase House, Los Angeles
  • Austrian Cultural Forum, New York
  • Ars Electronica Center Linz

2 May 2011
Greenland Franking Labels 2011
Hungary Protected Domestic Flowers – Purple Hellebore (Helleborus purpurascens)

3 May 2011
Andorra (Correos) Casa Farrás – J.M.Sostres
France The Dogs Breed

Monaco Europa – Forests

Papua New Guinea Birdwing Butterflies
Tunisia World Press Freedom Day

4 May 2011
Alderney Birds of the Bailiwick
Australia Royal Wedding, 29 April 2011 (Capturing the Moment)
People's Republic of China The 26th Summer Universiade, Shenzhen
Cyprus Europa 2011 – Forests
Cyprus Lighthouses
Czech Republic Europa – Forests – Alluvial Forests
Czech Republic The Čtyřlístek Comics – Bobík
Denmark Europa 2011 – Forests
Denmark 250th Anniversary of Carsten Niebuhr's Arabian Expedition
Denmark Danish Manor Houses
Guernsey Europa – Forests
Iceland 100th Anniversary of Háskóli Íslands (University of Iceland)
Iceland Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre
Iceland Garden Parks III
Iceland The Melavöllur Stadium 100th Anniversary
Macedonia Macedonia in the European Union – Warsaw and Budapest

Mexico Palacio Postal
New Zealand Beyond the Coast
United States Mercury Project and Messenger Mission

5 May 2011
Croatia Europa – Forests

Germany Europa – Forests
Germany 150 Years of Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag (The Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce)
Germany 150 Years of the Wallraf-Richartz Museum
Germany 125 Years of the Automobile
Germany 100 Years of Reichsversicherungsordnung (Reich Insurance Code)
Ireland Europa – Forests
Latvia Struve's Geodetic Arc
Macedonia Europa 2011 – Forests

Philippines Philippine Marine Biodiversity – Yellowstripe Snapper (Lutjanus kasmira) (Definitive)
Poland Europa 2011
Romania Zodiac I
Switzerland Europa – Forests
Switzerland Pro Patria
Switzerland Venice Biennale
Switzerland 50 Years of the Swiss National Anthem
Switzerland Traditional Swiss Handicrafts – Pottery and Forge (Definitives)
Turkey 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of OECD
United Kingdom Morris & Company
United Nations (New York) World Heritage – Nordic Countries
United Nations (Geneva) World Heritage – Nordic Countries
United Nations (Vienna) World Heritage – Nordic Countries
United States Purple Heart (Definitive)

Review on

6 May 2011
Brazil Itaipu Binacional: Integrating Brazil with Paraguay
Chile 100 Years of the Birth of Eduardo Freí Montalva
Estonia The Struve Geodetic Arc
Finland Orchids
Finland Struve Geodetic Arc
Finland The Happiness Tree
Finland Moomin – The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My
Finland Europa – Forests
Hungary Europa 2011 – Forests
Hungary Fauna of Hungary – Butterflies
Hungary Cultivated Flora of Hungary – Fruits
Slovakia Europa 2011 – Forests – Poloniny National Park
Uruguay Handicrafts of Uruguay – Leather (Definitive)

7 May 2011
France 800th Anniversary of the Cathedral of Reims
India Rabindranath Tagore
Lithuania Pilgrim Route of Pope John Paul II

8 May 2011
No known stamp emissions

9 May 2011
Åland Europa – Forests
Åland Åland Superheroes
Costa Rica Female Vote
France Europa – Forests
Greenland HM Queen Margrethe II (Definitives)
Greenland Aviation I – Catalina & Otter

Greenland Greenlandic Comic III – Kassassuk

Greenland Contemporary Art V

Italy Europa 2011 – Forests

Malta Europa 2011
Romania Cosmos 2011:
  • 30th Anniversary of the First Romanian in Space – Dumitru Dorin Prunariu
  • 50th Anniversary of the First Man in Space – Yuri Gagarin
  • 50th Anniversary of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, UN COPUOS
Turkey Europa – Forests

10 May 2011
Australia Dame Nellie Melba
People's Republic of China Yunjin Brocade
Isle of Man Cartoons by Dusty Miller
Turkey Week of the Disabled

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