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Flag of Macedonia


Makedonska Posta

28 February Cultural Heritage – Medieval Coins – Constantine Dragaš, 1371-1395
4 March 50 Years since the First Man in Space
8 March Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia
11 April Macedonian Shepherd Dog – Karaman
12 April 50 Years since the Birth of Princess Diana
13 April Year of Chemistry
15 April
  • 125 Years of the First Automobile
  • 100 Years of the First Automobile in Skopje

20 April 275 Years since the Birth of James Watt
4 May Macedonia in the European Union – Warsaw and Budapest

5 May Europa 2011 – Forests

10 June 100 Years of Shkupi, the Albanian Language Newspaper
15 June 50th Jubilee of Struga Poetry Evenings, 1962-2011
1 July 60 Years of the "Iustinianus Primus" Faculty of Law, Skopje
30 August Happy Bayram
31 August EuroBasket 2011 Lithuania – European Championship of Basketball for Men
5 September 20 Years of Independence of the Republic of Macedonia
14 September 100 Years since the Birth of Ljubomir Belogaski
21 September 200 Years since the Birth of Franz Liszt
11 October 50 Years since the Death of Ernest Hemingway
19 October 100 Years since the Birth of Millosh Gjergj Nikolla - Migjeni
26 October 100 Years since the Birth of His Beatitude Archbishop Angelarios
13 December WWF – European Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus citellus)

19 December Flora and Fauna of Macedonia – Butterflies

20 December Christmas
28 December Gjerasim Qiriazi

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