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1 April 2011
Åland Åland Cosmopolites, Georg August Wallin
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) Easter 2011
Finland Fantastic Women – Maisa and Kaarina
Finland Kaj Franck 100th Anniversary
Finland Dahlia
Finland Two Centuries of Government Building
Finland A Bouquet of Tulips
French Southern and Antarctic Lands Osiris
Isle of Man Butterflies
Isle of Man The Centenary of the TT Mountain Course

South Africa SumbandilaSat

2 April 2011
Brazil Centenary of the Guarani Futebol Clube
Thailand Thai Heritage Conservation Day 2011

3 April 2011
No known stamp emissions

4 April 2011
Andorra (Correos) Europa 2011 – Bosc de Sorobilles
Aruba 25th Paper Money Fair – Maastricht, 9-10 April 2011
Australia Lake Eyre
Belgium The Regions Of Belgium – Campine Mining Region
Belgium The Fair
Croatia Visit of the Holy Father Benedict XVI to Croatia
Monaco Former Fiefs of the Grimaldis of Monaco by Province
Spain Europa – Forests

5 April 2011
Australia Queen's 85th Birthday 2011
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) Europa 2011 – Forests
France Odilon Redon (1840-1916) – Le Bouddha
Republic of Korea Old & Historic Trees of Korea (3rd)
San Marino Europa – Forests
San Marino 50th Anniversary of the First Men in Space
San Marino Tourist Series – Architecture
San Marino Flowers of the Republic of San Marino
Trinidad and Tobago Century of the Birth of Dr Eric Williams 1911-2011

Review on

6 April 2011
Czech Republic Vlasta Burian (1891-1962)
Czech Republic 200th Anniversary of the Prague Conservatory
Papua New Guinea Reef Fish – Grouper

7 April 2011
French Polynesia 50th Anniversary of the Pearl of Tahiti
Germany Half Timbered Buildings in Germany – Early Modern Timber-framed Building in Alsfeld and Hartenstein (Sachsen)

Germany For the Sport Series:
  • Germany 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup
  • European Championships in Artistic Gymnastics 2011
  • EuroHockey Championships 2011 Women and Men

Jersey Marine Life IV – Squirts and Sponges
United States Herbs

8 April 2011
Austria 20 Years of Kunst Haus Wien
Azerbaijan Europa 2011 – Forests

Brazil Historic Cities Series – 300 Years of Mariana
Chile 100 Years of Purranque
Republic of China (Taiwan) Taiwan Butterflies (Issue of 2011)
Hungary Youth 2011 – Budapest's City Park
Hungary 84th Stamp Day – Balatonfüred 1211-2011
Latvia Europa – Forests

United Nations (New York) 50th Anniversary of Human Space Flight
United Nations (Geneva) 50th Anniversary of Human Space Flight
United Nations (Vienna) 50th Anniversary of Human Space Flight
United States Lady Liberty and American Flag (Definitives)
Uruguay 100 Years of Atlántida

9 April 2011
No known stamp emissions

10 April 2011
No known stamp emissions

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