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Correo Uruguayo

3 January Bicentenario Uruguay 1811-2011
31 January Handicrafts of Uruguay, Thistle and Totora (Definitive)
3 February 25th Anniversary of Fiesta de la Patria Gaucha (Festival of the Gaucho Culture)
16 February 150 Years of the Birth of Rabindranath Tagore
25 February 200 Years of the National Army
28 February Grito de Asencio 1811-2011
3 March General Leandro Gémez – 200 Years of Birth
4 March Carlos Páez Vilaró
8 March Bicentennial Women Series – Petrona Rosende and Josefa Oribe
23 March Handicrafts of Uruguay – Wool and Ceramics (Definitives)

23 March Upaep 100 Years – Bridging Cultures
8 April 100 Years of Atlántida
12 April Handicrafts of Uruguay – Wood and Silver (Definitives)

6 May Handicrafts of Uruguay – Leather (Definitive)
11 May Mother's Day
11 May 50 Years of Monte Carlo TV - Canal 4
12 May Battle of Las Piedras 1811-2011
13 May Handicrafts of Uruguay – Wire (Definitive)
15 June Copa América Argentina 2011
29 June 100 Years of Centro Euskaro
30 June 30 Years of Fight against HIV
20 July 100 Years of Comisión Nacional de Educación Física (National Commission for Physical Education)
11 August Champions of America 2011
21 September International Year of the Forests – Roman Cassie (Acacia caven)
30 September Upaep – Post Boxes
5 October 90 Years of Uruguay-Japan Diplomatic Relations
13 October Heritage Day – La Redota
18 October Mercosur Series – National Actors – China Zorilla
16 November Whale Watching
16 November Islas de Flores – Coastal Islands National Park
22 November Cruises 2011
22 November 75 Years of PLUNA
30 November Tango – Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
7 December Christmas 2011
9 December International Year of Chemistry 2011
13 December 90 Years of Diplomatic Relations with Czechoslovakia and the Successor States: Czech Republic and Slovakia
15 December Handicrafts of Uruguay – Cane and Iron

19 December National Painters – Marķa Freíre and Vicente Martín
27 December International Year for People of African Descent 2011
27 December 100 Years of Banco de Seguros del Estado
28 December 7th Bicentennial Issue – African Descendant and Indigenous People Personalities of Uruguay

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