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1 January 2012
Austria Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna, 1812-2012
Isle of Man London 2012 Olympic Games – The Isle of Man Stamp Collection, designed by Sir Paul Smith
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands The Waters of South Georgia – Shallow Marine Life
Thailand Year of the Dragon
Thailand 120th Birthday Anniversary of H.R.H. Prince Mahidol of Songkhla

2 January 2012
Austria Motorcycles – Lohner L 125 1959
Germany Jasmund National Park
Germany Winter Holiday in Germany
Germany Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann, 1662-1736 – 350th Birthday Anniversary
Germany Frederick the Great, 1712-1786 – 300th Birthday Anniversary
Germany Joseph von Fraunhofer, 1787-1826 – 225th Birthday Anniversary
Germany For the Welfare 2012 – Gems

India Puran Chandra Gupta
Philippines 60th Anniversary of the Lyceum of the Philippines University
Spain Monumental Arches and Gates
Spain Tourism
Spain Everyone with Locar

3 January 2012
United States Spectrum Eagle

4 January 2012
Croatia Year of the Dragon
Denmark Astronomy (Joint Issue with the People's Republic of China: 2011)
Denmark Nordia 2012 – Bridges
Denmark HM Queen Margrethe II, 1972-2012 – Four Decades as Queen (Joint Issue with the Faroe Islands and Greenland)
Faroe Islands HM Queen Margrethe II, 1972-2012 – Queen for 40 Years (Joint Issue with Denmark and Greenland)

Greenland HM Queen Margrethe II, 1972-2012 – 40th Jubilee of the Queen (Joint Issue with Denmark and the Faroe Islands)

Italy Giulio Onesti, 1912-1981 – Centenary of Birth
Myanmar 64th Independence Day

5 January 2012
Azerbaijan Year of Dragon 2012
People's Republic of China Rén Chén Year
Macau Lunar Year of the Dragon
New Zealand Year of the Dragon 2012
Papua New Guinea Reef Fish (Assorted) 2012
Singapore Zodiac Series – Dragon
United Kingdom London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games (Definitives)

Review on

6 January 2012
United States New Mexico Statehood

7 January 2012
Estonia Oskar Luts – 125th Birth Anniversary
Latvia Latvian Municipality and City Coat of Arms – Piltene, Rīga and Lielvārde Municipality

Lithuania Lithuanian Folk Music Instruments
Lithuania Coats of Arms of Lithuanian Towns – Kalvarija, Kavarskas, Naujoji Akmene

8 January 2012
Poland 20th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

9 January 2012
Andorra (Correos) Farga Rossell – Interpretation Centre for Iron, 2002-2012
France Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon
Spain Civic Values:
  • Do Not Pollute
  • Do Not Gamble with Your Life! Respect the Speed
  • Attentive to Driving!

10 January 2012
Austria 210th Birthday of Karl Ritter von Ghega – 160 Years of Kalte Rhine Viaduct
Canada Lunar New Year of the Dragon 2012
Christmas Island Year of the Dragon 2012
Jersey Europa 2012 – Visit Jersey
United Kingdom Roald Dahl

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