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1 December 2011
Armenia 20th Anniversary of the Commonwealth of Independent States
Armenia World AIDS Day
Aruba Butterfly 2011
Azerbaijan : Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Abbas Zamanov, 1911-1993
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) Christmas and New Year
Brazil Prevention of AIDS Campaign
Republic of China (Taiwan) New Year's Greeting (Issue of 2011)
Costa Rica Surcharge for Ciudad de los Niños 2011
Croatia Croatian Visual Arts:
  • Ante Kuduz – Space-B, 1972
  • Marijan Trepše – Woman with Cat, c.1931
  • Anka Krizmanić – Lovers, 1926

Republic of Korea New Year's Greetings
Papua New Guinea Traditional Dance – Victory
Russian Federation Happy New Year!
Ukraine AIDS – 30 Years

2 December 2011
Latvia Merry Christmas! Happy New Year 2012!

Malta 90th Anniversary of the Malta Senate and Legislative Assembly
Monaco MonacoPhil 2011
Monaco ASCAT Grand Prix 2011 Awarded to HSH Prince Albert II
Monaco 25th Edition of Telethon
Poland 30th Anniversary of the Strike in the Higher Military School of Fire Service in Warsaw
Slovakia Postage Stamp Day – Historical Mailbox

3 December 2011
Armenia Junior Eurovision

4 December 2011
No known stamp emissions

5 December 2011
Austria 220th Anniversary of the Death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Croatia Vaša pošta Foundation
Philippines 2012 Year of the Dragon
Thailand The Celebrations on the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King's 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary, 5th December 2011

Review on

6 December 2011
Azerbaijan 130th Anniversary of the Establishment of Telephone Communication
Hong Kong Hong Kong Museums Collection – Hong Kong Cultural and Historical Series
India The Smile Train – Cleft Surgery
Luxembourg Trades of Yesteryears II – Joiner, Potter, Stonemason and Printer

Luxembourg Echternach Hopping Procession
Luxembourg 100 Years of Postchèque
Luxembourg Architecture
Luxembourg Christmas

7 December 2011
Republic of Korea Korea's Achievement of One Trillion Dollars in Trade
Mexico National Award for Voluntary Action and Solidarity
Pitcairn Islands Christmas 2011
Uruguay Christmas 2011
Vanuatu Vanuatu Colours in Bloom

8 December 2011
Mexico Mexican World Heritage Cities
Poland 20 Years of the Independence of Kazakhstan
Ukraine Commonwealth of Independent States – 20 Years

9 December 2011
South Africa Chief Albert Luthuli – Africa's First Winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace
Uruguay International Year of Chemistry 2011

10 December 2011
Azerbaijan Dogs
People's Republic of China Ancient Astronomical Instruments (Joint Issue with Denmark: 2012)
Italy Year of Italy-Russia Cultural Exchange 2011 (Joint Issue with the Russian Federation)
Russian Federation Russia-Italy Year of Culture 2011 (Joint Issue with Italy)
Tunisia Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Independence of the Judiciary

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