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1 September 2010
Brazil Centenary of Sport Club Corinthians Paulista

Canada Home Children
Czech Republic The Čtyřlístek Comics Characters
Czech Republic Philatelic Development
  • Union of the Czech Philatelists' General Meeting
  • Stamp Collector

Czech Republic Nature Protection: UNESCO - Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve
Czech Republic 2010 FIBA World Championship for Women
United States Nature of America Series - Hawaiian Rain Forest
Uruguay Sporting Club Uruguay 1910-2010

2 September 2010
India Dr Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy
Russian Federation 65th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War
United Nations (New York) UN Transport Land/Sea/Air
United Nations (Geneva) UN Transport Land/Sea/Air
United Nations (Vienna) UN Transport Land/Sea/Air

3 September 2010
Austria Rose – Bonus Gift
People's Republic of China Guangzhou 2010 - Asian Para Games
Papua New Guinea Delhi 2010: XIX Commonwealth Games
Poland Polish Minerals
Spain Renewable Energies
Switzerland 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Jeanne Hersch
Switzerland 100th Anniversary of the Death of Henry Dunant and Gustave Moynier
Switzerland European Free Trade Association (EFTA) 50 Years
Switzerland Swiss Composers
Switzerland Franz Hohler
Switzerland The Swiss Mouse "Jimmy Flitz"
Switzerland Optical Art
Switzerland Dinosaurs in Switzerland

4 September 2010
Ukraine Locomotive Engineering in Ukraine

5 September 2010
Romania The National Bank of Romania - 130 Years since its Establishment
United States Mother Teresa

Review on

6 September 2010
Andorra (Correos) Civic Values – Recycling
Austria Orient Express (Joint Issue with Romania)
France Butterflies
Hungary Synagogues in Hungary II
Liechtenstein Europa 2010 - Children's Book
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Panorama
Liechtenstein Renewable Energy
Liechtenstein Vaduz Castle in the Four Seasons - II
Romania Orient Express (Joint Issue with Austria)
Tristan da Cunha Island Families Surnames

7 September 2010
Brazil América UPAEP - National Symbols
Canada Mental Health
Croatia Lighthouses
Italy 50th Anniversary of the XVII Olympic Games, Rome 1960
Jersey Jersey Nature - Fresh Water Fish
Macau Woodcarving – Macao Religious Figure Carving

8 September 2010
Australia National Service Memorial
France 150th Anniversary of the Alliance Israélite Universelle
Ireland 50th Anniversary of the Irish Wheelchair Association
Ireland Irish Animals and Marine Life (Definitives)
Philippines 300 Years of Devotion to Our Lady of Peñafrancia
Ukraine Johann Georg Pinzel
Uruguay 135 Years of Uruguay-Greece Relations

9 September 2010
Republic of China (Taiwan) Ancient Chinese Painting - "Nine Elders of Mt Hsiangi"
Estonia Tallinn, Cultural Capital of Europe 2011
Germany 150 Years of Stiftung Behindertenwerk St. Johannes
Germany For Our Children - Teddy Bear
Germany Treasures of Philately - Postal Poster
Germany 200 Years of Munich's Oktoberfest
Germany 20 Years of German Unity
Macedonia Happy Bayram
New Zealand Personalised Stamps 2010 (Reissue)
New Zealand Rugby World Cup 2011
Philippines Dogs of the World
Spain World Alzheimer's Day

10 September 2010
Chile Bicentenary of the Latin American Independence
Italy 1st National Gathering of Firemen
Latvia Wealth of Latvian Forests - Brown Cap Boletus & Wild Rasberry

Macedonia Flora and Fauna of Macedonia – 75 Years of the Hydrobiological Institute, Ohrid
  • Chara ohridana (Kostic)
  • Gocea ohridana Hadzisce
  • Surirella spiralis Kützing
  • Ochridaspongia rotunda Arndt

Macedonia 150 Years since the Award of Laurel Wreath Prize to Grigor Prlichev for his Poem, The Serdar
Russian Federation 75th Anniversary of the Birth of German Titov (1935-2000)
Russian Federation 1000 Years of Yaroslavl
Spain Cádiz Club de Fútbol
Thailand The 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Her Majesty Queen Sri Savarindira, the Queen Grandmother of Thailand
Ukraine Oleksandr Potebnia

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