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5 January 20th Conference of Speakers & Presiding Officers of the Commonwealth
16 January Reserve Bank of India
25 January Election Commission of India
21 February The Bible Society of India
23 February P.C.Sorcar
19 March 16 Punjab (2nd Patiala)
30 March Special Protection Group
30 March Muthuramalinga Sethupathi
31 March Vallal Pachaiyappa
14 April Astrological Signs
17 April Chandra Shekhar
26 April Kanwar Ram Sahib
6 May Velu Thampi
7 May Robert Caldweld
8 May Dr Guduru Venkata Chalam
13 May INDIPEX 2011 – Postal Heritage Buildings
19 May C.V.Raman Pillai
5 June International Year of Biodiversity
14 June Deshbandhu Gupta
25 June Queen's Baton Relay
27 June World Classical Tamil Conference – Kovai 2010
27 June Kumaraguruparar Swamigal
7 July 50 Years of Indian Naval Air Squadron 300
9 July Pigeon and Sparrow
12 July Rath Yatra Puri
1 August Jawaharlal Nehru & Talkatora Stadium
2 August Syed Mohammed Ali Shihab Thangal
14 August Vethathiri
21 August P Jeevanandham
25 August Omanthur P Ramaswamy Reddiar
30 August G.K.Moopanar
2 September Dr Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy
26 September Brihadeeswara Temple
3 October Delhi 2010: XIX Commonwealth Games
6 October INDIPEX 2011 – Princely States
9 October Immanuel Sekaranar
22 October The Doon School, Dehradun
25 October Sant Shadaram Sahib
27 October Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai
29 October Kranti Tivedi
10 November K.A.P.Viswanatham
14 November Children's Day
15 November Lakshmipat Singhania
16 November Comptroller and Auditor General of India
28 November C Subramaniam
1 December Kamlapat Singhania
3 December
  • T N Rajarathinam Pillai
  • Veenai Dhanammal
  • Thanjavur Balasaraswati
6 December Sri Sri Borda
11 December Prafulla Chandra Chaki
15 December India-Mexico Joint Issue – Kalbelia Dance and Jarabe Tapatio
21 December Crafts Museum
22 December Yashwantrao Balwantrao Chavan
22 December Bhausaheb Hiray
23 December Bhai Jeevan Singh
23 December Central Bank of India
24 December National Council of Education & Dr.Triguna Sen
31 December Lalit Kala Akademi

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