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1 August 2010
India Jawaharlal Nehru & Talkatora Stadium

2 August 2010
India Syed Mohammed Ali Shihab Thangal
Russian Federation World Cultural Heritage of Russia – Ensemble of the Ferapontov Monastery

3 August 2010
Australia Burke & Wills: 150 Years
Jersey Vintage Cars IV

4 August 2010
Australia Bangkok 2010 - 25th Asian International Stamp Exhibition
Denmark Post Danmark Rundt Cycling Tour 2010
New Zealand 2010 Scenic Definitives
New Zealand All Blacks
Papua New Guinea Bowerbirds
Singapore National Monuments
Thailand National Communications Day 2010
Thailand The 25th Asian International Stamp Exhibition (2nd Series) - Amazing Thai Silks
Turkey Locomotives

5 August 2010
Estonia Estonian Manor Halls: Hiiu Suuremõisa
Republic of Korea The Age of Dinosaurs (1st)
Thailand Orchids

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6 August 2010
French Polynesia Scented : Mango
Latvia History of Latvia Railway
Namibia Centenary of the Christuskirche
South Africa Grassland Birds of South Africa
Ukraine Klitschko

7 August 2010
Lithuania World Heritage Sites - The Archaeological Site of Kernavė
Thailand Thai Literature Heritage

8 August 2010
No known stamp emissions

9 August 2010
Republic of China (Taiwan) Modern Taiwanese Paintings

10 August 2010
Malaysia Traditional Festive Food
Poland Flowers and Fruits - Forget Me Not
Uruguay Occupations

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