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1 October 2012
Åland Pink Ribbon
Croatia Locomotives:
  • Steam Locomotive SüdB 29 / JDŽ 124
  • Steam Locomotive MÁV 424 / JDŽ/JŽ

India Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force
Indonesia Indonesian National Identity
Italy Corte dei Conti (Court of Audit) , 1862-2012
Russian Federation 100 Years of the Severnaya Verf Shipbuilding Plant
United States Earthscapes

2 October 2012
Australia 50 Years of Racing at Bathurst
Isle of Man The Centenary of Scott's South Pole Expedition by Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Japan Horseracing in Japan – History of 150 Years
Mexico 25 Years of Unidad Saltillo, Cinvestav
Mexico 70th Anniversary of Universidad de Sonora

3 October 2012
Czech Republic World Post Day – Postal Museum, Vyšší Brod – 1891 Ericsson Desk Telephone
Czech Republic Winner of Masaryk Circuit:
  • František Šťastný, 1927-2000
  • Louis Chiron, 1899-1979

Czech Republic Greeting Stamps – Orchids (Personalised)
New Zealand Christmas 2012
Slovakia Anton Bernolák, 1762-1813
Thailand Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition (1st Series)
Thailand The Celebration of 100th Birthday Anniversary of His Holiness Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, 3rd October 2013 (1st Series)
Tokelau Fish of Tokelau

4 October 2012
Liechtenstein Butterflies IV (Overprinted 2011 Issue - New Postage Rate)
Pakistan Arabian Sea Coral Reefs
Romania 20 Years of the Conclusion of the Treaty between Romania and the Federal Republic of Germany on Friendly Cooperation and Partnership in Europe
Ukraine Nikitsky Botanical Garden National Scientific Center – 200 Years

5 October 2012
Austria Madagascar 3 – Escape from Europe
Philippines Manila Hotel 100 Years, 1912-2012
Russian Federation The Completion of Nord Stream Pipeline
Spain EXFILNA 2012 – The 50th National Philatelic Exhibition, Calahorra
Uruguay Mercosur – Alternative Energies

Review on

6 October 2012
Austria Old Master – Bernardo Strozzi – Sleeping Child
Austria Contemporary Art 2012 – Peter Kogler – Ants
Italy 100 Years of Cusano Milanino – First Garden City of Italy 10 October 2012
Uruguay 25th Universal Postal Union Congress – Doha, Qatar

7 October 2012
Malaysia Melaka 750 Years

8 October 2012
Belgium Jacob Jordaens
Belgium Feast of Saint Martin
Belgium The Regions of Belgium – Condroz
Hungary Arts 2012 – Országház (Hungarian Parliament)
Latvia Riga Technical University – 150 Years
Thailand International Letter Writing Week 2012

9 October 2012
Åland Christmas 2012
Bosnia and Herzegovina : Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) Ethnological Treasure – Sargija
Costa Rica América UPAEP – Myths and Legends:
  • La Segua
  • La Carreta sin Bueyes (The Cart without Oxen)
Japan International Letter Writing Week 2012
Macau Lusophone Writers – Henrique de Senna Fernandes
Macau ORBIS – 30 Years of Saving Sight
Mexico World Post Day
Spain Cathedrals – Cathedral of Barcelona
Ukraine My Beloved Ukraine
Universal Postal Union 25th Universal Postal Congress

10 October 2012
Austria Modern Art – Self-Portrait with Red Hat by Mary-Louise Motesiczky
Poland Piotr Kwit – Nature Painter
Russian Federation 500 Years of Regular Service for the Protection of the Borders of Russia
United States Christmas – Holy Family

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