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1 March 2012
Azerbaijan 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Bəhruz Kəngərli, 1892-1922
Canada Daylilies
Germany Spring Holiday in Germany
Germany 500th Birthday of Gerhard Mercator
Germany Mourning Stamp
Germany 500 Years of The Sistine Madonna (Joint Issue with the Vatican City)
India Vasantdada Patil
Japan Seasonal Flowers – Series No 2 (Furusato Stamps)
Macau I Ching, Pa Kua VIII
Vatican City 4th Centenary of the Death of Father Christopher Clavius, 1537-1612
Vatican City Easter 2012
Vatican City Raphael – 500 Years of The Sistine Madonna and The Madonna of Foligno (Joint Issue with Germany)

2 March 2012
Belarus Architectural Monuments (Definitives)
Japan Disney Characters – Mickey & Minnie / Mickey Mouse & Friends
Russian Federation State Awards of the Russian Federation

3 March 2012
Argentina Bicentennial of the Creation and First Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of Argentina
Argentina First Argentine Landing at the South Pole, 1862-2012
Pakistan 125th Anniversary Celebrations of Aitchison College, Lahore 2012

4 March 2012
No known stamp emissions

5 March 2012
Finland Spring Blossoms
Finland VR Group - Finnish State Railways – 150 Years
Finland Wedding
Finland Kisses Blown
Finland Happy Easter!
Liechtenstein 150 Years of the Constitutions and Parliament
Liechtenstein Europa 2012 – Visit Liechtenstein

Review on

6 March 2012
Australia Australian Waterbirds
Australian Antarctic Territory Phillip Law, 1912-2012
Canada Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee – A Multitude of Milestones, 1973-1982

7 March 2012
Czech Republic Beauties of Our Country:
  • Kuks
  • The Statue of Wisdom by Matthias B Braun in Kuks

Czech Republic 150th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists
Estonia Heino Eller, 1887-1970 – 125th Birth Anniversary
Malta Definitive Issue – Gold Coin (Byzantine Period) and the George Cross Medal (British Period)
Uruguay También Hicimos Patria – 8 March, International Women's Day

8 March 2012
French Polynesia Women's Day
French Polynesia Flowers of Polynesia – Zingiberaceae
French Polynesia Marara
Malaysia Malaysian Antarctic Research Programme
Mexico International Women's Day
Spain National Heritage – Tapestries – Matron and Warrior in a Boat
Switzerland Jungfrau Railway Centenary, 1912-2012
Switzerland Pro Juventute Centenary, 1912-2012
Switzerland 150th Anniversary of the Swiss Brass Band Association, 1862-2012
Switzerland Centenary of the Swiss Civil Code
Switzerland 1400th Anniversary of Gallus, 612-2012
Switzerland Janosch
Switzerland Beaver
Switzerland Martinsloch
Switzerland Vegetable Blossoms
Turkey Provision of Equality of Opportunities between Men and Women in Turkey (Definitives)
United Kingdom Classic Locomotives of Scotland

9 March 2012
Republic of China (Taiwan) Long-horned Beetles III (Definitives)
France Portraits of Women in the Paintings
India Shyama Charan Shukla
Republic of Korea The 50th Anniversary of Korea-Colombia Diplomatic Relations (Joint Issue with Colombia)
Macedonia Macedonia in the EU – Nicosia, Cyprus and Copenhagen, Denmark

Poland Easter
Slovakia Easter 2012 – Carrying the Cross by Hans von Aachen
Turkey 2012 World Indoor Athletics Championships
Ukraine Pearls of Artistic Heritage – Taras Shevchenko
  • Strengthening Rayim. View from the Shipyard on the Syr Darya, 1848
  • The Moonlit Night in Kos-Aral, 1849

10 March 2012
Jersey Aviation History XI – 75 Years of Jersey Airport, 1937-2012
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands WWF – Seabirds

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