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1 December 2009
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) Christmas and New Year 2009
Republic of China (Taiwan) New Year's Greeting (Issue of 2009)
Costa Rica Surcharge for Ciudad de los Niños 2009
Croatia Croatian Modern Painting
France Marianne: Red - "Livre des Timbres 2009" Cover (Definitives)
India Greetings
Republic of Korea New Year's Greetings Stamp
Luxembourg Christmas 2009
Luxembourg The Grand Pipe Organs of the Grand Duchy IV
Luxembourg Communication: From Gutenberg to the Internet
Mexico Mexican Christmas
Russian Federation Happy New Year!

2 December 2009
India 100 Years Convent of Jesus and Mary, Ambala Cantt
India 2nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse)
Papua New Guinea Traditional Dance (Romance)

3 December 2009
France 50th Anniversary of Astérix
Uruguay 100 Years of the Montevideo Drivers Protection Center

4 December 2009
Ascension Island While-tailed Tropicbird
Croatia Christmas 2009
Hungary Filaklub
Monaco 80th Anniversary of Grace Kelly's Birth
Monaco 2009 ASCAT International Grand Prix Award of Philately for William H Gross
Monaco The Nude in Art
Monaco 150th Anniversary of Anton Pavlovitch Chekhov's Birth
Monaco Vancouver Olympic Winter Games
Monaco 120th Anniversary of Automobile Club de Monaco
Monaco 2010 International Cat Show
Monaco 50th Anniversary of Ayrton Senna's Birth
Monaco Centenary of Jean Anouilh's Birth
Monaco 170th Anniversary of Auguste Rodin's Birth
Monaco 150th Anniversary of Gustav Mahler's Birth
Monaco 170th Anniversary of Claude Monet's Birth
Monaco HSH Prince Albert II - 2007 Red Effigy (Reprint)
Slovakia Postage Stamp Day - Louis Braille (1809 - 1852)
Turkey 150th Anniversary of the Faculty of Political Sciences (Mekteb-i Mülkiye)

5 December 2009
Hong Kong Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games
Thailand H.M. The King's 82nd Birthday Anniversary
Thailand Thailand Earth Observation Systems Satellite (THEOS)

6 December 2009
No known stamp emissions

7 December 2009
British Indian Ocean Territory Fungi
Malaysia Stamp Week 2009 – Arachnid

8 December 2009
Armenia Daniel Varuzhan, 1884-1915
Belarus 10 Years since the Signing of the Foundation Treaty of the Union State
Falkland Islands HMS Exeter

9 December 2009
Republic of China (Taiwan) 1209 International Anti-Corruption Day
Pitcairn Islands Royal Navy Visitors
Ukraine Merry Christmas!
Ukraine Happy New Year!

10 December 2009
India Traditional Indian Textiles
Monaco Monte Carlo International Circus Festival 2010
Russian Federation 50 Years of the Strategic Rocket Forces
Tunisia 61st Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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