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1 November 2009
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) Fauna 2009 – Birds of Hutovo Blato
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) Flora 2009 – Domestic Plum
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) 150th Anniversary of Franciscan Monastery Gorica Livno
India Dr Rajkumar

2 November 2009
Andorra (Correos) Christmas – Homenatge a l'ONCA by Sergi Mas
Australia Christmas 2009
Australia Merry Christmas
Canada Christmas: Tree
Canada Christmas: The Nativity Scene
Christmas Island Christmas
India Dr Mahendra Lal Sircar
India Apollo Hospitals
Mexico Mexican Traditions - Day of the Dead
South Africa Dinosaurs

3 November 2009
Belgium This is Belgium – Books and Literature
Belgium Promotion of the Belgian Philately
Belgium Happy Holidays!

United Kingdom Christmas 2009

4 November 2009
Czech Republic 17 November 1939 and 1989
Czech Republic Works of Art on Postage Stamps

Czech Republic Christmas
  • 150 Years since the Birth of Filip Shiroka
  • 100 Years since the Birth of Krume Kepeski
  • Petre M Andreevski, 1934-2006

Mexico Centenary of the Birth of Juan Bosch
Papua New Guinea Traditional Canoe
Vatican City Bicentenary of the Birth of Louis Braille
Vatican City 50th Anniversary of the Convocation of the Second Vatican Council
Vatican City Christmas 2009

5 November 2009
Belarus National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus – 70th Anniversary
Brazil Football (Joint Issue with Hong Kong)
Estonia Saku Hall
French Polynesia Reproduction of Stamp – The Young Girl of Bora Bora, 1955
Hong Kong Football (Joint Issue with Brazil)
Hungary World Science Forum
Iceland Birds
Iceland Thingvellir Church
Iceland Christmas 2009
Indonesia Provincial Flora and Fauna
Latvia Lighthouses of Latvia - Liepāja Lighthouse
Turkey Castles

6 November 2009
Austria Advent 2009
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan - European Chess Champion 2009
British Antarctic Territory WWF: Crabeater Seals
British Antarctic Territory 50th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty
British Antarctic Territory The Effects of Climate Change
Denmark Play in the Snow
Finland Amaryllis
Finland Winter Magic
Finland Christmas is Near
Ireland Christmas 2009
Mexico Wilderness
Russian Federation History of the Russian State – 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Elizaveta Petrovna (1709-1762)
Spain Juvenia 2009: The National Exhibition of Youth Philately
Uruguay Museo de la Casa de Gobierno 1999-2009

7 November 2009
India Danmal Mathur
Lithuania Holy Christmas and New Year
Tunisia 22nd Anniversary of the Change

8 November 2009
India Virchand Raghavji Gandhi

9 November 2009
Andorra (La Poste) Romanesque: Church of Santa Coloma
Ascension Island 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Charles Darwin
Faroe Island Christmas Seals
France Francisco Miranda (Joint Issue with Venezuela)
France Euromed Postal Convention
France Pierre-Auguste Renoir
France European Capitals - Lisbon
France Marianne and Europe: The Colours of Marianne
France Best Wishes 2010
India Indigenous Horses of India
Philippines National Stamp Collecting Month 2009 - Games Children Play
Russian Federation 200 Years of the Russian Ministry of Transport
Singapore APEC 2009 - Singapore
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Deepwater Corals

10 November 2009
Falkland Islands Cobb's Wren
Jersey Jersey Naval Connections III - Sir George Carteret
Poland 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Powla Jasienicy
South Africa President Jacob Zuma

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