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1 July 2009
Armenia Europa 2009 – Astronomy
Australia Australian Bush Babies - International Stamps
France Marianne and Europe (Definitives)
France Marianne: Red - "La France comme j'aime" Cover (Definitives)
Isle of Man BeeGees - 50th Anniversary
Jersey 40th Anniversary - Investiture of HRH The Prince of Wales
New Zealand 2009 Scenic Definitives
Spain Flora and Fauna: Geranium & Graellsia isabelae
Switzerland Domestic Birds: Tengmalm's Owl (Definitive)
Uruguay Juan Carlos Onetti
Uzbekistan Singapore 2009 Asian Youth Games

2 July 2009
Canada Canadian Recording Artists
Germany Lighthouses: Norderney and Dornbusch
Germany 600 Years of Universität Leipzig
Germany 500th Birthday of Johannes Calvin
Germany 100 Years of Sassnitz-Trelleborg Railroad Ferry
Monaco Start of the Tour de France from Monaco
Italy SMS Venice Project
Turkey Traditional Turkish Arts

3 July 2009
Aruba Aruban Architecture 2009
Namibia Wild Horses of Namibia

4 July 2009
Belarus Air-technical Sports
India Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration
Lithuania 1000th Anniversary of Lithuania

5 July 2009
No known stamp emissions

6 July 2009
Canada Roadside Attractions
France Etienne Dolet
Indonesia Indonesian Traditional Foods
Spain National Heritage: Tapestries
Thailand Thai Traditional Festival - Candle Processing Festival

7 July 2009
Italy Insurrection of the Women of Carrara, 7 July 1944 7 July 2009
Italy Italian Mail Series (Definitives)
Jersey Jersey Marine Life VII - Seaweed
Russian Federation Russia Regions – Republic of Ingushetia, Tomsk Region and Chechen Republic

8 July 2009
Costa Rica Costa Rica - Switzerland Diplomatic Relations
Italy G8 Summit at L'Aquila, Italy (8-10 July 2009)

9 July 2009
Azerbaijan 90th Anniversary of the Diplomatic Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Malaysia Traditional Houses

10 July 2009
Azerbaijan 140th Anniversary of the Birth of Jalil Mammadguluzadeh, a Writer
Canada Captain Robert A. Bartlett
Estonia 125th Anniversary of the Alexander Church of Narva
Italy Tourism Locations
Latvia 400th Anniversary of Bauska
Pakistan 3rd Death Anniversary of Ahmad Nadeen Qasmi
Russian Federation 100th Anniversary of the Birth of M.L.Mil (1909-1970)
South Africa South African Gemstone
Spain 10th Anniversary of the Creation of the Euro

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