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1 June 2009
Åland Passenger Ferries – SS Viking & Newbuilding 2009
Azerbaijan 60th Anniversary of Sumqayit City
Azerbaijan Butterflies (Definitives)
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) Medjugorje 2009
Canada Canadian Diplomacy
People's Republic of China Blessing Our Motherland
Cyprus XIII Games of the Small States of Europe
Cyprus 50th Anniversary of the Cyprus Philatelic Society
Gibraltar Europa 2009 - Year of Astronomy
Kosovo Children's Rights
Macau Seng Yu – Idioms III
Malta XIII Games of the Small States of Europe
Tunisia 50th Anniversary of the Constitution
Uzbekistan International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression - World in the Eyes of Children

2 June 2009
Aruba Global Warming 2009
Jersey Jersey Surfing
Republic of Korea The 100th Anniversary of Korean Cartoon
Latvia Basketball – National Sport of Latvia
Mexico 125th Anniversary of Banco Nacional de México (National Bank of Mexico)
Philippines Birds
Romania Romania – An European Source of Energy
Russian Federation 400th Anniversary of the Voluntary Entry of the Kalmyks into the Russian State
Slovakia Žofia Bosniaková (1609 - 1644)
Thailand Hindu God

3 June 2009
Monaco Dante Alighieri - Italian Writers *

4 June 2009
Austria 200 Years of the Battle of Aspern and Essling
Germany 2000 Years of Varusschlacht (Battle of Teutoburg Forest)
Germany 100 Years of Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung (ILA) (International Aerospace Exhibition)
Germany 200th Birthday of Heinrich Hoffmann
Germany German National and Nature Parks: Nationalpark Eifel
Spain Popular Dances: El Aurresku & La Rueda
Uruguay International Year of Astronomy 2009

5 June 2009
Austria Europe 2009 – Astronomy
Botswana Threatened Birds of Botswana
Estonia 125th Anniversary of the Estonian National Flag
Hungary 82nd Stamp Day - Milennium of the Foundation of Visegrád
Hungary 150 Years of the Birth of Bánki Donát
Indonesia Environmental Care - Your Planet Needs You: UNite to Combat Climate Change
Macedonia Natural Beauties – Caves
Mexico World Environment Day
Philippines Taguig
South Africa Constitutional Hill Series – Artwork in the Court
Thailand Orchid
Tunisia Fruits of Tunisia
Turkey World Environment Day – Butterflies
Turkey Mustafa Kamal Atatürk (Definitives)

6 June 2009
Italy Motorbike: 100th Anniversary of Gilera

7 June 2009
No known stamp emissions

8 June 2009
Belarus Flora – Endangered Plants of Belarus
Belgium Green Stamps
Belgium Aviation and Space Navigation – From Blériot to De Winne
France Château de la Bâtie d'Urfé
Liechtenstein Alpine Association: 100 Years
Liechtenstein The Forest and Its Benefits
Liechtenstein Vaduz Castle in the Four Seasons - I

9 June 2009
Australia Queensland - 150 Years
Croatia 800th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Varaždin as a Free Royal Borough

10 June 2009
Chile 50 Years of Diócesis Santa María de Los Ángeles
Denmark Copenhagen Zoo 1859-2009
Denmark Old Maps of Denmark
Indonesia The Inauguration of Suramadu Bridge

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