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Flag of the Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands


26 February The Lady of Húsavík
26 February Jellyfish
26 February Sepac 2014 – Soft Downy Rose (Rosa mollis)
17 March Nordic Issue 2014 – Ships: Freight and Passenger Transportation
28 April Europa 2014 – Music Instruments
28 April Lighthouses

11 June The Prince Consort 80 Years (Joint Issue with Denmark and Greenland)

24 September First World War 1914-1918
24 September The Casement Report 1904 and Daniel J Danielsen
24 September 70 Years since D-Day / D-Day 1944 and Captain V R-Joensen
24 September The Christmas Gospel 2

1 October Franking Labels 2014 – 40 Years of Faroese Stamps

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