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1 July 2014
Australia 100th Anniversary of First Air Mail
Italy Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2014
Thailand Centenary of Don Mueang International Airport

2 July 2014
New Zealand Legendary Landmarks
Russian Federation Baikal-Amul Mainline Railway

3 July 2014
France 50 Years of Inserm 7 July 2014
French Polynesia Heiva – Costume of the Festival
Germany Flowers (Definitive):
  • Centauri (Centaurium erythraea)
Germany Lighthouses – Pellworm
Germany 600 Years Council of Constance
Latvia Jānis Cimze 1814-1881

4 July 2014
France La Marquise de Pompadour 1721-1764 7 July 2014
Romania Discover Romania – Maramures

5 July 2014
Algeria Oran Olympic Complex
Philippines Kapatagan, Lanao Del Norte – 65th Founding Anniversary

Review on

6 July 2014
No known stamp emissions

7 July 2014
Andorra (Correos) Andorran Diversity – Filipino People
Italy The Excellencies of Knowledge:
  • Policlinico Agustino Gemelli, Rome – 50th Anniversary
Japan Tales from Stars Series No 1
Russian Federation State Awards of the Russian Federation – "Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation" Gold Medal
Russian Federation On the 70th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945: Medals of Defensive Battles
  • Medal "For the Defence of Leningrad"
  • Medal "For the Defence of Sevastopol"
  • Medal "For the Defence of Stalingrad"
  • Medal "For the Defence of Moscow"
Russian Federation Russia-Bulgaria Joint Issue – 135 Years of Diplomatic Relations

8 July 2014
Australia Royal Visit 2014
Spain Contemporary Art – Miquel Barceló

9 July 2014
Cyprus Euromed Postal – The Mediterranean Sea
Malta Euromed Postal – The Mediterranean Sea
Turkey Natural Reserve Areas and National Parks

10 July 2014
Thailand Amphibians

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