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1 February 2010
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) XXI Olympic Winter Games
Canada William Hall V.C.
France Music
Tunisia Arab Women's Day

2 February 2010
Estonia 90th Anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty
United Kingdom Girl Guiding UK

3 February 2010
Cyprus 50th Anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus
Mexico Day of Love and Friendship
United States Liberty Bell
United States Bixby Creek Bridge (Priority Mail)
United States Mackinac Bridge (Express Mail)

4 February 2010
Estonia Olympic Winter Games - Vancouver 2010
Estonia Post Horn (Definitive)
United States Distinguished Sailors

5 February 2010
Austria Austrians in Hollywood – Otto Preminger
Hungary XXI Olympic Winter Games – Vancouver 2010
Hungary 150 Years of the Birth of Kner Izidor
Latvia Olympic Games in Vancouver
Norway Peter Andreas Munch and Ole Bull Bicentenaries
Russian Federation 50th Anniversary of Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Spain King Juan Carlos I (Definitives)
Thailand Rose 2010
Ukraine XXI Olympic Winter Games – Vancouver 2010
United Nations (New York) Coin and Flag Series 2010
United Nations (Geneva) Coin and Flag Series 2010
United Nations (Vienna) Coin and Flag Series 2010

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6 February 2010
People's Republic of China Liangping New Year Woodprints
Hong Kong Year of the Tiger
Hong Kong Lunar New Year Animals - Ox and Tiger
Indonesia Year of the Tiger
Tunisia International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures 2010

7 February 2010
No known stamp emissions

8 February 2010
Andorra (Correos) Jacint Verdaguer
Austria Roger Federer
Canada The Right Honourable Roméo LeBlanc
France Winter Olympic Games - Vancouver 2010
Monaco International Dog Show
Monaco International Flower Arrangement Festival
Monaco 1910: First Five Nations Championship
Namibia Endangered Species of Namibia
Papua New Guinea Beche-De-Mer (Sea Cucumber)
Thailand Chinese God - Fu Lu Shou

9 February 2010
Republic of China (Taiwan) Traditional Taiwanese Residences II
Jersey Europa - Children's Books
Jersey Jersey Maps
San Marino 50th Anniversary of the San Marino Association of Blood and Organ Donors (AVSSO)
San Marino XXI Winter Olympic Games – Vancouver 2010
San Marino Flowers
San Marino San Marino at the Expo 2010 Shanghai: The City-State

10 February 2010
Austria Modern Art in Austria – Helmut Kand – Jahresringe von Glück und Duft
Czech Republic XXI Winter Olympic Games Vancouver 2010
Czech Republic Winter Paralympic Games Vancouver 2010
Czech Republic EXPO 2010 Shanghai, China
Denmark Queen Margrethe II (Definitives)
Italy Romanesque Art in Abruzzo - Basilica Santa Maria di Collemaggio (L’Aquila)
Macedonia Mode of Transport – Helicopters
New Zealand Personalised Stamps 2010
Russian Federation Fauna (Definitives)

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