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1 September 2009
Austria Anemones
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hrvatska Pošta Mostar) 10th Mediterranean Film Festival
Croatia Croatian Fauna - Freshwater Fish
France Invitations
Isle of Man Country File by Jeremy Paul
Philippines Baguio Centennial
Poland 1939 Defensive War
Saint Helena Christmas 2009
United Kingdom The Fire & Rescue Service

2 September 2009
Austria 60 Years of Der Dritte Mann (The Third Man)
Czech Republic The České Středohoří Uplands Tertiary Volcanic Region
Czech Republic Nature Protections: The Křivoklátsko Region A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
Macedonia Giro d'Italia

3 September 2009
Germany For Children: Cowboy and Indian
Germany Germany
Germany 20 Years of Open Borders between Hungary and Austria (Joint Issue with Austria and Hungary)
Germany Bundestag and Bundesrat
India Uttam Kumar
Malaysia The First Malaysian Submarine - KD Tunku Abdul Rahman
Switzerland Switzerland through the Eyes of Foreign Artists - Germany
Switzerland Congratulations
Switzerland Descent from Alpine Pastures in Appenzell
Switzerland Princess Lillefee
Switzerland Centenary of Swiss Stamp Dealers Association (SSDA)
Switzerland Geneva Conventions 19492009

4 September 2009
Hungary Antique Furniture X - Stall Seats of the Academy of Music
Hungary Pécs Stamps
Ireland 400th Anniversary of the Plantation of Ulster
Italy 150th Anniversary of the "Lancieri di Montebello" Cavalry Regiment
Republic of Korea Groundbreaking Ceremonial for The Taekwondo Park & Taekwondo Day
Kosovo Kosovo's Friendship with USA
Russian Federation 1150 Years of Veliky Novgorod

5 September 2009
Republic of China (Taiwan) 21st Summer Deaflympics Taipei 2009
Spain 100th Anniversary of the First Powered Flight in Spain

6 September 2009
Belarus Municipal Arms of Belarus Towns – Smorgon

7 September 2009
Ascension Island Introduced Species
France La Fête Foraine
Liechtenstein 75 Years of the Liechtenstein Philatelic Society (LPHV)
Liechtenstein Princely Treasures - Liechtenstein Museum, Vienna
Liechtenstein Butterflies (Definitives)
New Zealand 2009 Children's Health – 80th Anniversary of Health Stamps
New Zealand KiwiStamp
Poland EuroBasket 2009 - European Men Basketball Championship
Spain 100th Anniversary of the Real Sociedad de Fútbol

8 September 2009
Republic of Korea Extremes Sports Series (4th): BMX
Philippines Corazon C Aquino

9 September 2009
Australia Australian Songbirds
People's Republic of China National Library of China
Costa Rica América UPAEP: Traditional Games
Croatia Stamp Day - 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of Hrvatska pošta
Denmark Stamp Art - Jes Fomsgaard
Denmark COP15 The UN Climate Change Conference
Denmark 800th Anniversary of the Metropolitanskolen
Finland Antiques III: Gustavian Style
Finland Northern Lights
Finland Finnish Art II
India Sacred Heart Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai
Macedonia Groundwater Fauna of Macedonia:
  • Balkan Spadefoot Toad (Pelobates syriacus balcanicus, S.Karaman 1928)
  • Peshtani Trout (Salmo letnica, S.Karaman 1924)
  • Macedonian Stone Crab (Austropotamobius torrentium macedonicus, S.Karaman 1929)
  • Macedonian Crested Newt (Triturus macedonicus, S.Karaman 1922)
  • Stanko Karaman (1889-1959)

Malaysia Energy Efficient Buildings
Maldives Flowers
Pakistan 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Pakistan and the Philippines in 2009
Papua New Guinea Volcanoes
Spain Architecture 2009
Thailand Provincial Emblem (4th Series)
Thailand Guan Yin

10 September 2009
Andorra (Correos) Natural Heritage – Eurasian Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus)
Austria 20 Years of Open Borders between Hungary and Austria (Joint Issue with Germany and Hungary)
Cyprus Cyprus Fowl
Cyprus Cyprus through the Ages 2009
Estonia Estonian Fauna Brown Bear
Hungary Art 2009 - Szivárvány (Rainbow) by Egry József
Hungary 20 Years of Open Borders between Hungary and Austria (Joint Issue with Austria and Germany)
Philippines International Year of Natural Fiber
Uruguay Local Mail Box 1879

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