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1 March 2009
Belarus Belarus Folk Holidays and Celebrations
India 75 Years Medical Council of India
Macau Traditional Instruments II

2 March 2009
Australia For Every Occasion
France Marianne and Europe (Definitives)
France Menton, Alps-Maritime
France Stamps Day 2009 - Looney Tunes ™
Indonesia 50th Anniversary of Institut Teknologi Bandung
Liechtenstein Europa 2009: Astronomy
Liechtenstein Our Postal Service
Liechtenstein The Printer's Art Art Print: Linocut
Liechtenstein 200 Years of the Land Register
Liechtenstein Voluntary Civil Protection Work II
Macedonia Breast Cancer
Norway Hepatica (Personalised Stamp)
Serbia Ecology Balkan Mountains (Joint Issue with Bulgaria)
South Africa Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers
Spain Millenium Development Goals

3 March 2009
Azerbaijan Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers
Republic of Korea The 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and the Philippines (Joint Issue with the Philippines)
Philippines Philippines-Korea 60 Years of Diplomatic Relations (Joint Issue with the Republic of Korea)

4 March 2009
Australian Antarctic Territory Poles & Glaciers
New Zealand Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers / International Polar Year 2007-2009
New Zealand Giants of New Zealand
Portugal Aqui Há Selo: Science in Portugal
Uruguay Dr Baltasar Brum

5 March 2009
Indonesia 2009 General Elections
Switzerland 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Hans Ulrich Grubenmann
Switzerland 50 Years Swiss Museum of Transport
Switzerland World Ice Hockey Championship 2009
Switzerland Preserve the Glaciers
Switzerland 500th Anniversary of the Birthday of Jean Calvin
Switzerland Hans Erni
Switzerland Pro Natura Centenary

6 March 2009
Andorra (Correos) Mercè Rodoreda
Austria 60 Years of SOS-Kinderdorf (SOS Children's Villages)
France Conseil Constitutionnel (The Constitutional Council)
India Pterospermum Acerifolium
Ireland Greetings 2009
Poland Polish Contemporary Sculpture: Władysław Hasior
Russian Federation 75th Anniversary of the Birth of J.A.Gagarin (1934-1968)

7 March 2009
Argentina Preservation of Polar Areas and Glaciers / International Polar Year 2007-2009
Republika Srpske Explorers Marco Polo and Amerigo Vespuci

8 March 2009
Tunisia Kairouan: Islamic Cultural Capital

9 March 2009
Andorra (La Poste) Legend: The Devils of Aixirivall
Belgium Belgian Feminist Movement – Marthe Boël and Lily Boeykens
Belgium Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers
Belgium Stamp Day – The Mail Moment
British Indian Ocean Territory Seafaring & Exploration

France Palais des Papes d'Avignon
Philippines Birds
Serbia Easter
Spain Nature Parks
Tristan da Cunha Seafaring and Exploration
Ukraine 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Taras Chevshenko

10 March 2009
France World Women
Jersey Jersey Endangered Species - Durell
Jersey Island Views NVI 2009 - Reprints
United Kingdom Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution

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