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1 January 2009
British Antarctic Territory 100 Years of Naval Aviation
Philippines Manuel Sarmiento Enverga
Slovakia First Euro Stamp
Ukraine Centenary of the Birth of Stepan Bandera

2 January 2009
Belgium King Albert II (Definitives)
Belgium Birds – White-tailed Eagle (Definitive)
Belgium Flowers – Tulipa bakeri ‘Lilac Wonder’ (Definitive)
Czech Republic Personalities: Louis Braille and Charles Darwin

Germany "For the Welfare Care" Series: Sky Appearances
Germany "Neighbourhood Services" Series: 50 Years MISERIOR/ "Bread for the World"
Germany 500 Years of Rathaus Frankenberg (Eder)
Germany 1000 Years of Burg Tangermünde
Germany 125th Birthday of Theodor Heuss
Republic of Korea Bicentennial of Louis Braille's Birth
Norway Norwegian Art II
Norway Wildlife in Norway IV
Slovakia Cultural Heritage of Slovakia (Definitives):
  • Chapel of St. Margaret near Kopčany
  • Church of the Virgin Mary in Boldog
  • Rotunda of St Margaret in Šivetice
  • Church of St John the Baptist in Sedmerovec Pominovce
  • Church in Svätuše
  • Church in Čierny Brod
  • Church of St Martin in Spišská Kapitula
  • Church of St Egidius in Ilija
  • Church of St Stephen the King in Žilina-Závodie
  • Church of the Virgin Mary in Bíňa
  • Church of the Holy Cross in Hamuliakovo
  • Church of St Michael the Archangel in Dražovce

Spain Autonomous Communities
Spain Hand Fan and Manila Shawl
Thailand Year of the Ox

3 January 2009
United States Alaska Statehood

4 January 2009
Belarus 200th Birth Anniversary of Louis Braille
Brazil Bicentenary of the Birth of Louis Braille
India Louis Braille Birth Bicentenary
Macau Bicentenary of the Birth of Louis Braille
Poland 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Louis Braille

5 January 2009
Aruba Bicentennial of Louis Braille
People's Republic of China Ji Chao Year
France Louis Braille
Monaco Railway and Road Emergency Vehicles
Monaco 25th Anniversary of the Creation of the Spring Arts Festival
Monaco 25th Anniversary of the Opening of the Princess Grace Rose Garden
Saint Helena Henry VIII
Serbia 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Louis Braille
Serbia 75 Years of "Osisani Jez"

6 January 2009
Andorra (La Poste) Louis Braille

7 January 2009
Denmark The Old Town 1909-2009
Denmark COP15 The UN Climate Change Conference
Denmark The World Wildlife Fund
New Zealand Lighthouses of New Zealand
New Zealand Year of the Ox

8 January 2009
Australian Antarctic Territory South Magnetic Pole 1909-2009
Canada Year of the Ox
Christmas Island Year of the Ox 2009
Macau Lunar Year of the Ox
United States Lunar New Year – Year of the Ox 2009

9 January 2009
Singapore Zodiac Series: Ox

10 January 2009
Indonesia Year of the Ox
Latvia Coats of Arms of Regions and Towns of Latvia - Dagda and Stende
Thailand National Children's Day 2009

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